Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Asian SPAM

Does anybody else get Asian spam comments to their blog posts? How do I block them? They are actually links (which I have not clicked).


Thought I'd share with you a letter that arrived in my mailbox at work today.

Today's letter comes from Deloris XXXXXXXX in Chicago. It's actually pieces of paper, folded with one staple holding it shut. It has 2 badly placed postage stamps. It is addressed to Payroll at my place of employment.

I will type the letter as it was typed, including typos. I've X'd out some of the identifiers but she has street names and addresses included.

The first page reads:

Hi my name is Deloris XXXXXXXX, I worked at XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX in 1999-2000,

I was the supervisor of the medical record dept.

I'm the one who suggested for you to move the physican's lounge to the first floor.

The second page reads:

My name is Delores XXXXXXXX, RHIT I am a

Witch - casting spells on you and your family

Voodoo Queen - putting the roots on you and your family

Devil worshipper - doing evil things to you and your family

I will do what ever I want to you and your family if you don't do what I tell you to do

I go back in to you and your family's pass

I will make you unable to work your job, I will make you crazy and go into a mental hospital
I will cause problems with your legs, eyes, ears. arms, feet, neck, pain all over your body
I will fuck up your hair, make it come out, cut it, tangle up
Make you unable to sleep
Pain in your penis and vagina and discharges
I will have peoples mess with your child/children
I will make your family sick
Problems with your teeth
I will break up your family or relationship
I made you use cocoa butter on your face and made your face black
I will mess with your speech
I will not let you take or pass your state test for coding
I will take your social security check or ssi or ssa

I work at XXXX X XXXXXX Jr. Hospital at Cook County Hospital, Chicago, IL 606XX
Medical records dept. located in the lower level of the XXXXXX XXXXXX Center
At XXX S. XXXXXXXXX Avenue, Chicago, Il 606XX/XXXX W. XXXXXXX at XXXXX Ave 606XX
1-312-XXX-XXXX Medical records dept.

I live in the Chicago Housing Authority / XXX or XXX W. XXXXXXX Ave / 312-XXX-XXXX
7010 or 7410 N. XXXXXXX Road, Chicago, IL 606XX

American Health Information Management Association - AHIMA
Register Health Information Management - RHIT
Medical Records
XXX N. XXXXXXXX Ave. Chicago, Il 606XX, 312-XXX-XXXX

I shared it with my bosses this afternoon, we all had a hearty laugh. Later my CEO came in to tell me that I wasn't so special, she got one too. However, hers did not include a photograph of the woman. Mine did. I win!