Saturday, October 31, 2009

Quick Mom Update

Hi. Just haven't had a lot of time to blog lately, not that there's much going on in my life other than work and hospital visits and sleep.

Mom's doing well! She has been working her little butt off in therapy all week. She walks daily and yesterday the occupational therapist had her walking stairs. She got up and down three of them. Progress is being made.

There's a kitchen set up in the occupational therapy "apartment." She decided that it's too tidy so she talked her therapist into letting her bake cookies. That's going to be her Monday project. I've been assigned the task of bringing her hand mixer. I think she was tempted to ask me to bring in her Kitchen Aid but she knew better. LOL

Hopefully things will be a bit more "normal" in a week or so, and I can return with some fun stories instead of blabbing on about my Mom. Thanks to all who have sent well wishes and good thoughts. We both appreciate them very much.

Monday, October 26, 2009

DWTS - Season 9, week whatever

Again, no official recap this week. Just don't have time to do them right now. Tonight, I watched, with my mom, at the hospital. Yesterday she was moved to a rehab unit (which is 5 doors down from the room to which she was originally admitted. She began major therapy today, lots of walking, sitting, practicing body mechanics. She said she's proud of herself for managing all she did today. She knows there's work ahead of her, but she knows too that she's not getting out of there as fast as she had thought. She's comfortable with the idea of being there for another week. Granted, she wishes she could be left alone, she's tired of them checking her vitals every 2 - 3 hours and she wants to be in her own bed, but she's less anxious about it. She wants to get as much out of rehab as possible.

Anyway, I thought Mya did great tonight, Louie wasn't bad, and Joanna did a good job. Apparently Donny didn't have a great week, nor did Kelly Osbourne. The Mambo (or was it a Rumba) side-by-side competition was fun to watch. I think it's time for Michael Irvin to go home, but if it's not him, it will probably be Louie or Aaron.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bathtub of Spaghetti

So I made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for dinner because that's all the energy and creativity I had in me. it tasted good. I watched some TV then took a Xanax and went to bed.

At about 10:50, the phone rang. It was the hospital. I was petrified to answer it but when I did, my mom was on the other end. She had awakened from a nightmare. It involved her, at home, trapped in the bathtub which was filled with spaghetti. She was tangled in it and couldn't get out. I was home, my sister was home. Then she felt like someone was holding her legs down. I asked her if she wanted me to come there, she said yes. So I got dressed and made it to the hospital in 9 minutes. The evening nurse was still there, finishing up her report for the night shift. I went in and Mom was laying there quietly. She was unhappy with the thing that was squeezing her leg. It's an apparatus that keeps her circulation going. The nurse decided they could shut it off for a few hours. I talked to mom and convinced her that she was having bad dreams because of the morphine. She said "oh yeah!" Then I told her that if I could, I would trade places with her, that I hated to see her like that. But I told her that she had to be patient because she was going to begin to improve immediately and that tomorrow would be better. She fell asleep as I told her that. I sat with her for about 45 minutes then went and found the nurse to ask her to have people look in periodically. When i went back, mom was opening her eyes, so I talked to her some more and then told her that I was going home to get a good night's sleep and that she should try to do the same, but to call me if she needed me. I told her that I would see her tomorrow and I'd be bringing her a present, her new robe.

One last stop at the desk and the staff assured me that they would look in on her.

Now...back to bed.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mom Update

Surgery was today. I don't know the exact nature of the surgery, but it sounds like they replaced the ball that is at the top of the bone (femur) that goes into the hip socket. Surgery didn't take very long but she was in recovery for a long time. When they finally brought her back, she was disoriented and upset and in a lot of pain. My sister and I did our best to reorient her to her room, she began to recognize her things but kept asking if she was in the hall. Her doctor came in and talked to her and she was a little more lucid and was happy when he showed her the pain button, the magic trigger that delivers a dose of morphine. She hit the button and then fell asleep for a bit. We got her some water and then some ginger ale and she then said she just wanted to sleep.

I left to go and find her a robe. I'm not thrilled with what I bought but at least she has something to wear when they get her out of bed and start walking.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dancing With The Stars

No recap this week. I'm sorry. I watched but didn't feel up to the task of doing a proper recap. Maybe next week.

Mom Update

Mom broke her hip. She's hospitalized and will undergo surgery on Wednesday.

Today has been surreal. We got to the hospital at about 10:30. One of the paramadics was the husband of someone that we've known for a long time but haven't seen in about 20 years. Bill, the paramedic recognized me, then when we made the connection, he and my mom were old pals and talked football on the ride to the hospital. The two paramedics took great care of her. I followed along (well not really because the lights were flashing and they were driving really fast).

The xray showed a break that the ER doctor said was her leg. Right away she said that surgery would be necessary. Eventually we got mom to a patient room and got her situated.

The orthopedic surgeon came in and explained the surgery, which was a hip replacement surgery. I asked him if we were talking about the same case since the ER doctor had described it as a broken leg. He said that it was a broken leg but the placement of the break required that the hip be replaced. So, that's what will happen on Wednesday. He's confident that it will be fine and that he'll have her feeling great in no time. There will be rehab, she'll be in the hospital for about 10 days.

By 5, she was scared, tired and very hungry. She only had a bowl of cereal at 7:30. When dinner arrived she ate more than I've seen her eat in a long time. She sent me home at 6.

I've been on the phone all evening with relatives, just cluing them in on the situation. She's a private person, doesn't like a lot of fuss to be made over her and will be upset that I told her brother and sisters. But, they deserve to know.

I'm exhausted. Part of me wants to cry my eyes out, part of me wants to just enjoy the silence here at home. Then there are times when I just feel numb. I'm not ready for all of this.

A Bit Stir Crazy

I'm sitting here and a little anxious because I'm waiting to call my mom's doctor.

She's been struggling with a mysterious pain in her leg for about 2 weeks. The first couple of days she just quietly fought it, then she finally spoke up about it. I saw her doctor and he sent me home with a walker for her but wanted to be kept up to date on things. She thought she was feeling better but it doesn't seem to have improved very much.

This morning she said "I'm ready to go to the hospital."

But first, she wanted coffee, breakfast, she's packed a bag and made sure that her bills were paid. Now she's getting washed up. I'm waiting to call her doctor and then see about arranging for an ambulance to take her. I can't because she's unable to get down the stairs and we live on the second floor of a walk-up.

Needless to day I'm a bit anxious right now. I'm bouncing from Facebook to Twitter to my message board, QTS, and pacing the hallway. Ugh...I'm not happy right now. I want my mommy to feel better.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sugar High Sunday

On Sunday, October 11, Andersonville held it's 4th annual Dessert Crawl. It was a cold, sunny day but I, along with my friends Steve and Jim, set out to visit a dozen local establishments and sample desserts at each one. We had hot chocolate and cookies, rice pudding, cheesecake paired with a dessert wine, deep fried Twinkies, a very strange pudding dessert, an intersting banana in coconut milk dessert and a rather dreadful brownie. We ate, we shopped a bit, and we laughed a lot. It was a really fun afternoon, even though we all decided that we officially had enough dessert for a day.

I did a little shopping. I had to have this:
Incidentally, after coming home down from my sugar high, I had a couple cookies after dinner. :)

DWTS - S9W4 Results

Surprisingly, Michael and Anna were saved. The bottom two ended up being Chuck and Anna and Aaron and Karina. In the end, Chuck's adventures in Dancing ended, he and Anna were eliminated. He was a good sport and very gracious upon learning the news.

Next week, the Argentine Tango and the Paso Doble, along with the group dance, The Hustle!

Madison Madness

Saturday, I took a little road trip with my friends Anthony and Vahona. We traveled up to Madison Wisconsin to visit our friend Jane Wiedlin as she performed with her band Lady Robotica. They were taking part in a benefit for the Dane County Humane Society. It was billed as "Dogtoberfest," and guests were invited to bring their dogs to hang out and participate in contests and games.

For the ride, we had drinks and snacks and good music. We get together and laugh our butts off, it was much needed time together which doesn't happen all that often. We all met at my house and hit the road, accompanied by Vahona's GPS, which spoke to us in multiple languages. During our drive, we found rain, and then snow but once we got past it, the day was cold but beautiful.

We enjoyed seeing the dogs, many of whom were dressed in coats and costumes. But we were all happier to see Jane. She arrived and came right over. We chatted for a little while before she had to set up for her show.

Afterwards we visited a while longer. She signed autographs and took pictures with people, then when it came to us, we took all sorts of pictures together. She was really happy to see us and thanked us for making the trip. It was definitely worth the drive.

Dog in a fancy red coat.
Little bulldog.
Jim and Jane - Yes, the picture is crooked, thanks to the yellow-toothed woman who told us she was a "professional photographer." Oh I get it, crooked = artsy.

Jane and Vahona. Jane decided she would make funny faces in her pictures with Vahona. When Jane wants to make funny faces, you let her.

Three geeky fans and the object of their affection. Yes, the "artsy" photographer took this photo, too.
(photo courtesy of Anthony. He actually let the "professional" hold his camera. )

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dancing With the Stars - Season 9, Week 4

Tonight, we are introduced to FOUR new dances, the Texas Two-Step, the Bolero, the Charleston, and The Lambada, also known as “The Forbidden Dance!”

I don’t know why, but I still get excited when I hear the intro music and the dance partners make their way down the steps. Seeing them in their costumes for the first time is really fun.

Chuck and Anna – The Two-Step – Oh boy, looks like he’s going to throw her around, based on the rehearsals. He doesn’t have much flourish..he’s just sort of walking her around whoiel she does the fancy stuff. He did a few steps, but he just showed off how he can lift her and swing her around. Len liked the lift and was entertained BUT said that the quality of his dancing isn’t there. Bruno said it looks somewhat like a two-step. Carrie Ann said the same thing. 17/30

Melissa Joan and Mark – Charleston – Cheezy opening looks like a 20’s film. Cute basic moves, and then a lift. Nice. She seems a bit flat-footed in spots. Maybe it’s the lack of heels. But, it was really cute and sweet. Bruno LOVED it. Carrie Ann LOVED it, said it’s a breakthrough! Len saw Energy, Excitement and Entertainment. 28/30 (Bruno gave them a 10!) YAY!

Natalie and Alec – Bolero – She’s pretty to watch because her limbs are so long, they make for really fluid movements. It looked nice. Carrie Ann said she sensed a struggle. Len thought it was beautiful and lyrical but wanted to see more romance. Bruno thought it was sometime beautiful and dangerous but lost something when the arms started swinging. HUH? 24/30

Aaron and Karina – Lambada – Wow, those are some fancy dance boots he’s wearing for rehearsal. The funny thing is, they rehearse in Los Angeles. Why is he wearing suede and fluffy boots? Okay, they’re gone for his dance. I think he’s got chest glitter. WOW opening. Lots of hips from them both but I’m not seeing anything “forbidden.” Len didn’t see rhythm or raunchiness and for this dance he wants to see the raunch. Bruno didn’t see the character of the dance. Carrie Ann told him to chill out, because he’s trying too hard. 18/30 Karina’s top is about to fall off! But it didn’t…barely!

Mark and Lacey – Two Step – Okay I’m feeling it. It’s cute. He’s moving as much as she is. Butt wiggles, some stunts, clever footwork. I liked it! Bruno saw confidence and said it was fun but said he lost footing in a portion. Carrie Ann said it was an exciting routine. Len loved the choreography and saw that he’s a good partner for Lacey. 22/30

Kelly and Louie – Charleston – Ho how cute! She’s doing very well with this. Timing is a bit of an issue but but overall she’s got it and did beautifully! FUN number! Oh there’s mum Sharon, she looks so cute! Carrie Ann said that she lived up to her look. Len was impressed and called it a “proper dance,” though he wanted a bit more swivel in her steps. Bruno said it was “a very good performance and she should be happy.” 23/30

Joanna and Derek – The Lambada – They spent time with Dogs to help with their routine. Hmm…OK. Derek is now shirtless. This is feeling a bit more forbidden. Okay, a lot more forbidden. Lots of body parts shaking and grinding and it’s got clever footwork and stunts. The move they stopped on looked like total penetration. Hope they were safe. Len called this as tomorrow’s encore. Bruno called it “bursting with sexual energy. “ Carrie Ann said she hoped the children were in bed because the dance is “fueled by the crotch area.” 26/30

Donny and Kym – Charleston - Theatrical, and fun, good footwork, they seem well-timed. Lots of dance steps. Bruno liked the theatrics, said that the kicks need to be sharper. Carrie Ann noticed a stumble, but called it good. Len was pleased. 24/30

Michael and Anna – Bolero – Kind of feels like he’s walking thru it, not a lot of footwork from him. More poses than anything. Eh. Carrie Ann saw romance but said it lacked dancing. Len said this was his most difficult dance and he earned higher scores than he’s ever given. Bruno said it lacked steps. 16/30

Louie and Chelsie – Two Step. Chelsie brought in Ty from last season to up the Country feel. He looks good in jeans! Too bad he’s just sort of shuffling thru the dance. Oh except now it looks like he’s just walking . He’s got the arm movements down and managed to pick her up and swing her. Len called it a “series of walks.” Bruno called it “dazed and confused.” Carrie Ann said that Chelsie seemed to be doing her best to distract while Louie just shuffled. 16/30

Mya and Dimitri – Lambada – Hips from the start, good spins, and leg work. SEXY! More thrusting. Not too dirty but very sensual. Well played! Bruno called it “an erotic and exotic roller coaster” Carrie Ann said “Mya’s on Fire!” and said it was sophisticated. Len was expecting more. Jeez, no pleasing him as far as she’s concerned! 28/30

Leading the pack is Mya and Dimitri, and tied at the bottom are Louie and Chelsie and Michael and Anna. My guess is that tonight was Michael’s final dance. While I didn’t think Louie was any better, He and Chelsie are more fun to watch. Chuck may also have danced his final dance but I think people are entertained by him.

We also learned that next week is the group dance, and it’s a Hustle. Yay?

Stay tuned…

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Mom Update

Monday evening, mom informed me that her left leg was bothering her, to the point where she was having a difficult time walking. Mind you she told me this as she was attempting to carry two dinner plates from the kitchen (at one end of the apartment) to the dining room (at the other end of the apartment.). Yes, I'm aware this is a stupid layout for an apartment. However, I digress. I carried the plates, then after dinner cleared the table, washed dishes and put everything away. She stayed in bed for the remainder of the evening.

Tuesday I came home from work to learn that she could hardly walk. She was unable to put pressure on her leg. Immediately I questioned her if she had fallen, if there was bruising or swelling or heat or redness. None of the above, just intense pain. I rigged the apartment with chairs so that she could brace herself if she needed to walk to the kitchen. I set up things so they were easy to access.

Wednesday, I talked to her doctor, who happens to see patients at the hospital where I work. He arranged to get her a walker, even though his first wish was to send an ambulance, get her to have xrays, and possibly admit her, either for acute care or to a rehab facility for a few days. I convinced him otherwise, because she's stubborn. I borrowed a walker from work. I left work early for the day and I got it home and she was thrilled, she proceeded to name it "Laverne." Well, she and Laverne have become the best of friends. She's able to get around the house and the word "OW!" isn't as present as it had been.

Today I had things set up in the kitchen so everything was an easy reach. I spike to her doctor today and explained the situation a bit more and he's less convinced that it may be bone related and it's more likely that it's a muscle injury. That was a relief. Today was one of my work days where I began the day at one office and ended at another, so on the way to the second office I stopped at home. Mom was in the kitchen about to have lunch. She said she's feeling better, and I can hear it in her voice. The constant pain is gone, just some pain when she stands up. This fades after she's been up a couple minutes. After work I came home and did chores then fixed dinner. I'm dining out with friends visiting from out of town but she's a little more mobile now. I'll get her situated for the evening.

I'm off tomorrow, so I'll grocery shop, tidy up the house and do whatever else needs to be done around here.

I'm relieve she's feeling better. Hope it continues...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


My mom hurts. She did something to her left leg, she can barely walk. I've got dining room chairs in her bedroom to act as rails that she can hold when she gets out of bed. I've got a chair in the hallway so that she can stop and rest on the way to the kitchen. I've got a step ladder next to the toilet so she has something to hang on to when she's sitting and then getting back up.

I've got her cell phone charging, so that she can put it in her pocket and have it with her if she falls when I'm not home.

Tomorrow she'll call her doctor. Wonder what he'll say...

DWTS - S9W3 - Results

Tom Delay was saved but then informed everybody that he won't continue due to stress fractures in his old, brittle feet.

Debi Mazar was eliminated tonight.

Tonight has been a busy evening, DWTS hasn't been my priority.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Dancing With The Stars - Season 9, Week 3

Welcome to Latin night. Tonight, the contestants will dance either the Samba or the Rumba.

It’s been announced that Tom Delay’s pre-stress fracture is now a stress fracture and it’s unsure whether he’ll dance tonight. He made his way down the steps with Cheryl, they’re of course going to tease us as to whether he’ll dance this week. Now on with the dancing!

Mark Decasos and Lacey S. – Rumba – They have good chemistry together. He’s got some sexy moves, very full with the arms, very fluid. Sort of looks like a Latin ballet. Len felt it lacked chemistry but then said it was nice. Bruno agrees with Len that it lacked fluidity. Carrie Ann said that it was kind of uncomfortable to watch. I liked it but I’m not a pro. 18/30

Joanna Krupa and Derek H. – Samba – Ooh, they’re going to attempt the shadow roll. Let’s see how they do… Okay, Derek came in swinging on a rope. Looks good, nice legwork. She look a bit stiff at times. Finished with the shadow roll, seemed kind of blah. Bruno said it was good but she seemed unsteady in spots. Carrie Ann liked it. Len called it quality. 23/30

Mya and Dmitry C. – Rumba – Looks sexy, they look connected. She can really move. They’re fun to watch. Oh look Paula Abdul is in the audience. Carrie Ann was moved to tears. There may have been a lift but she said she was so caught up she didn’t see it. Len said it was complicated. Bruno said it embodied the dance and was fabulous. 10’s from Carrie Ann and Bruno, 7 from Len. 27/30

Melissa Joan Hart and Mark B. – Samba – Lots of fringe to show lots of movement, but she looks stiff. She’s great at times but not all there. Len said parts were excellent but didn’t see rhythm in hips and upper body. Bruno sees improvement and was pleased. Carrie Ann still senses fear in her. 19/30

Louie Vito and Chelsie H. – Rumba – Sexy and connected, but not a lot of footwork on his part. More just moving and letting her pose. Bruno said it was a bit jerky in movement. Carrie Ann said the connection was great, and his frame was good. Len said it was wild and lacked finesse, he was disappointed. 20/30

Debo Mazar and Maks C. – Samba – Mel B was brought in to inspire Debi. NICE! A little slow at parts but she had some moves. Carrie Ann called it safe. Len said things were done well but it wasn’t hot. Bruno pointed out a couple flaws… 17/30

Donny Osmond and Kym J. – Rumba – expressive arms, swivel hips and they both look connected. It was romantic. Len said he did a great job. Bruno said it looked a little “hairy fairy?” and then Donny jumped him on the judged platform. It was awkward. Ooh, Carrie Ann just said so too! She called him off in the musicality. 21/30 Samantha said that Donny should have given Bruno tongue.

Awkward Paula moment. She suggested that she and Carrie Ann make out.

Michael Irving and Anna D. – Samba – I sense difficulty, rehearsal is not going well. Lacks chemistry!! He doesn’t seem like he’s really trying. But, he’s got a great smile. Bruno said he’s going in reverse and didn’t have rhythm and lacked steps. Carrie Ann thinks the problem is that he’s dancing small. Len said it was disappointing. 14/30

Natalie Coughlin and Alec M. – Rumba – Edyta was brought in to show how to do the dance with Alec, who is her husband. She’s got gorgeous long legs and great moves but I don’t see the connection between them. Carrie Ann is thrilled, called it gorgeous. Len said it was excellent. Bruno loved it. 26/30

Well…that’s disappointing. MY DVR stopped recording the show. Maybe I stopped it as I was replaying it. That’s all I’ve got.

Okay…favorite was Mya. I hope Delay goes home. I think Debi needs another chance. I think she’ll get another chance because Michael Irvin will go home, if Delay doesn’t.

Stay tuned…