Tuesday, September 29, 2009

DWTS - S9W2 - Results

The couples were brought up on stage in groups of their score and told if they were safe or in jeopardy. All of the high scoring couples were announced as safe. Debi and Maks were told they were in jeopardy, then Louie and Chelsie. The bottom group was brought to the stage and Tom and Cheryl were told they were safe. DAMN!! Kathy and Tony were the second couple in the bottom two.

When all was said and done, Kathy and Tony were sent home.

Another week of watching Tom Delay dance. Hopefully it'll be a fast dance and it will knock him on his ass.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Dancing With The Stars - Season 9, Week 2

All 14 couples will dance tonight. Filling in for Len Goodman tonight is guest judge Baz Luhrmann. It was noted that his early film “Strictly Ballroom” was the movie that "Dancing With the Stars" is based upon. Who knew?

Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough – Jive – Some of the moves are very herky-jerky (is that a word?) and it look awkward because she’s so tall but she’s got good lines. It was good, I think. Carrie Ann said “spastic and out of control feet.” Bruno said it wasn’t “clean.” Baz wants to see more of a connection between them. 20/30

Natalie Coughlin and Alec Mazo – Quickstep – Yay, this is nice. She’s smiling and dling nice kicks and the footwork is there. I think it looks good. Bruno said Natalie needs to relax a bit more and she’ll be amazing. Baz said the second half of the performance was great, her smile lights up the room. Carrie Ann thinks she has potential but wants to see her connect a bit more with Alec. 21/30

Chuck Lidell and Ana Trebunskaya – Tango – Now with Ultimate Fighting moves. Yay? He’s very powerful and intense, looks like he’s angry. Footwork is flat but he’s trying and it’s actually sort of charming. Baz was impressed (think he was scared to say otherwise), Carrie Ann saw impact but didn’t say much else. Bruno saw the work, and the steps; he saw imperfections but said there’s potential. 19/30

Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Ballas – Jive – She’s having fun but looks like she’s still holding back a bit. Okay, getting better. Timing a bit off. Ooh, cute hubby!!! Carrie Ann is happy! Bruno saw some imperfections with footwork. Baz said the steps were “a bit defeating.” 19/30

Michael Irvin and Anna Demadova – Quickstep – He looks a little clumsy but all smiles. He’s kind of got the kicks down. It was fun. Bruno said the content was there and he’s improved over last week. Baz saw charm and thought it was “gorgeous and fantastic.” Carrie Ann was pleased. 20/30

Debi Mazar and Maks Chmerkovskiy – Tango – Okay, Maks is proving that he’s an ass as a teacher. Ooh, very sexy dance. I think her timing is off in spots. Baz thought they did fantastic. Carrie Ann was pleased. Bruno referenced timing in his comments. 21/30

Louie Vito – Chelsie Hightower – Jive – Louie’s got cankles and always looks stoned. Oh this is cute! At times it looked like she was doing more of the work but he kept up with the steps nicely. He’s cute! Carrie Ann thought he looked lost a few times. Bruno saw what I saw. Baz saw joy, but said he dropped out a couple times and that the jacket threw him off. 19/30

Aaron Carter – Karina Smirnoff – Quickstep – Okay…apparently it’s a Muppet performance. They’re dancing to The Muppet Show theme. He looks good. Posture is nice, great steps, good energy. It was cute! Bruno called it “Spectacular,” and said he was a mini-Fred Astaire. Baz was impressed and called it a great show. Carrie Ann called it a pleasure, good contact in hold. 27/30

Kelly Osbourne and Louis Van Amstel – Tango – Intense, quick footwork, I think her timing is off but her movements are great. Baz saw mistakes but said she’s great and should not give up. Carrie Ann gave her pointers to keep up the momentum, Bruno was positive but saw mistakes too. At least they were polite. They had to be or Sharon would have punched them. 19/30 (she’s pleased!)

Kathy Ireland and Tony Dovolani – Quickstep – It’s pleasant, but lacks wow. I didn’t see many of the quickstep footwork I’m used to seeing. Carrie Ann said Kathy is too reserved. Bruno said she’s not engaging, lacks couple connection. Baz said it wasn’t exciting. 18/30

Mark Decascos and Lacey Schwimmer – Quickstep – Looks like he lost his footing, and may be like he’s a little jiggly but it was pretty good. I think she’s wearing a back brace or something. Bruno saw footwork errors but appreciates his dancing. Baz is complementary. Carrie Ann encouraged him to breathe. 21/30

Mya and Dmitry Chaplin – Jive – Wow she’s pretty. Wow she can move! She’s working her little flapper dress and those legs. Nice! Baz said “fantastic.” Carrie Ann said “great,” and “good connection.” Bruno loved it. 27/30

Tom Delay and Cheryl Burke – Tango – Respectful, reserved. When he shakes his head, his chins follow, that’s kind of fun. The kicks are pretty funny, too. Uh-oh, a tumble at the end. Nearly broke a hip. The Golden Girls sitting along the sidelines are still clapping. Carrie Ann told him that he needs to “Squeeze them together at the end!” Tom said “historically that’s never been his problem.” LOL Bruno was polite, as was Baz. 18/30. Audience is booing. Score too high? I think so.

Donnie Osmond and Kym Johnson – Jive – Really good. Footwork is just right, kicks are good, moves are not too flashy, it’s fun! YAY! All three judges are pleased. 25/30

Tied at the top with 27are Aaron and Karina along with Mya and Dimitri, tied at the bottom with 18 are Tom and Cheryl along with Kathy and Tony.

Hopefully Tom won’t have enough Republican cronies who will jam the phone lines and vote so that he’ll get sent home this week, but Kathy could be boring enough to be just who gets sent home. I think she deserves another week, then it can be her turn to go. We’ll see…stay tuned!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


I've got a head cold. I'm blaming it on the applicants that I saw in my office yesterday. My office is small and not well ventilated, and the two women who came to see me yesterday both had on fragrances that caused my nose to react. Because my door stay shut, I couldn't air out the office and after lunch, I was feeling post nasal drip. By yesterday evening I had a major headache and my upper body was aching. Today, I don't feel near as bad as yesterday, but I'm still congested.

I'm taking advantage of the down time and just resting. I've got some movies to watch, I've got some things on my DVR that I need to burn onto a DVD, and if I feel like it, maybe I'll clean off this desk.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DWTS S9 - Results

Tonight was the first results show, a double elimination.

The spotlight dance that the judges wanted to see again was Kelly and Louis' Viennese Waltz. It was gorgeous the second time around.

After all of the hoopla, including a tribute to Patrick Swayze, and a really cool dance production from The Lion King, the results were revealed. Tonight we said goodbye to Ashley Hamilton and Macy Gray. The professionals will be back throughout the season to dance in performances. Sadly, Jonathan once again left earlier than he should have because he's such a sweet and engaging professional. Unfortunately this year he was stuck with a partner who had the grace of a bag of sweaty gym clothes.

Next week it's a more traditional show, with all of the dancers competing on the same night.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Computer Update

My computer is very noisy. Tomorrow I will be taking it in for service. I will probably be without it for a week. I can check my message board and Facebook using my Blackberry, I can access my blog, too. I can probalby post using it but it will be laborious since it's a little keyboard typing with thumbs only. I can at least post updates.

Dancing With The Stars - Season 9 Week 1, part 2

The Ladies dance tonight.

Show opens with the women pro dancers performing a number to “She’s a Lady.” It was cute, though some of those moves weren’t so lady-like.

The contestants did their descent from the bit staircases and some were so graceful (Melissa Joan Hart) and some were clunky (Macy Gray)!

Similar to last night, the women will do a dance on their own with their partner, and then participate in a relay dance with three other contestants. The points earned from the second dance will be added to the scores after my comments.

Debi Mazar/Maks Chmerkovskiy – Salsa - She’s got nice legs and can kick high. The stunts are there, but the hips are frozen. Okay good…no handstand. Len said hips were missing, but sees potential. Bruno said she worked her busom but she lost timing. Carrie Ann didn’t see a connection between the dance and her expressions. Maks looks hot. 16/30 + 6 = 22 for the night.

Melissa Joan Hart/Mark Ballas – Viennese Waltz - Off to a nice start. Full arm extensions and nice steps. Looked a little lost at one point. Nice finish. Bruno said it was prim, proper and adequate. Carrie Ann saw good moments, but said there was a lack of connection. Len liked the holds but saw poor footwork. 18/30 + 6 = 24 for the night.

Mya /Dmitri Chaplin – Viennese Waltz – She’s very elegant and moves beautifully. I’m sensing a little bit of Mel B here. Of course what I say and the judges will say may be completely different. Carrie Ann is thrilled. Len said it was NOT a Viennese Waltz, he called it fluff. Bruno is fighting him and has riled up the room. Such controversy. 21/30 (Len gave her a 5!) + 10 = 31 for the night.

Kathy Ireland/Tony Dovolani – Salsa – She’s kind of square in the hips so her hop action isn’t there. She’s doing some OK footwork but the whole things looks awkward. Len sees potential but said it lacked energy and was careful. No sizzle. Bruno said she couldn’t sell the salsa, it lacked sex. Carrie Ann said she needs to work on loosening up. Belinda’s salsa was better! There, I said it! HA! 16/30 + 4 = 20 for the night.

Natalie Coughlin/Alec Mazo – Salsa – We have hips! An athletic number with some clever arms and some shimmies. However, it feels a bit slow. Nice though. Bruno saw stops and starts but liked it. Carrie Ann called her a diamond in the rough. Len said the dance was not sexy enough, it was plain. 19/30 + 8 = 27 for the night.

Macy Gray/Jonathan Roberts – Viennese Waltz – Oh dear…she looks lost and stoned. HA HA Poor Jonathan looks like he’s dragging a sack of potatoes around the dance floor. Now she looks like she needs a nap. Carrie Ann called it “fascinating, Beautiful in a bizarre way.” Len said it was charming. Bruno called her child-like. Macy was censored when she said that the first dance “busted her cherry.” 15/30 + 4 = 19 for the night.

Joanna Krupa/Derek Hough – Salsa – Hips and swivels. Sexy. Cute arm tricks. Nice footwork. It was great! Len is happy, called it hot and smoking. Bruno said it was sexy and seductive. Carrie Ann said it was hot and is excited to see more. She’s cute…nice personality. 24/30 + 10 = 34 for the night.

Kelly Osbourne/Louis Van Amstel – Viennese Waltz – She looks so pretty. The footwork is a bit messy but not terrible. Arms nees to be fuller when extended. She looked good though! Oh, there’s LaToya Jackson! She ran to hug her parents. Sweet! Bruno called her a vision of grace and elegance. Carrie Ann said that her parents should be proud. She spotted a lift. Len said it was the best Viennese Waltz he saw all night. I agree. 23/30 + 8 = 31 for the night.

Relay time:

Group 1 is doing a Fox Trot – Kathy, Natalie, Debbie, and Joanna. Natalie Has nice elegant moves. Classic elegance. Kathy looks more relaxed in this dance than in the latin round. Joanna looks precise and the footwork is nice. Debbie looked much more relaxed and really performed nicely! 4th is Kathy, 3rd is Debbie, 2nd is Natalie, 1st is Joanna.

Group 2 is doing a cha-cha-cha – Melissa, Macy, Mya and Kelly. Macy…not sure what to say. Poor Jonathan. It’s a bit better than her waltz. Melissa’s footwork loosk precise but a bit off beat. Mya is having fun and ls sexy with good legwork and arms. Kelly is awesome! Hips and legs and arms. Nice!! 4th is Macy, 3rd is Melissa, 2nd is Kelly, 1st is Mya.

Night two is finished. I think Macy’s going home, if not her, it may be Kathy Ireland. Stay tuned!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bad Computer

My computer keeps shutting down. I think it's overheating. Not a good sign. I will probably take it in sometime this week to have it checked. I dread being without it. I dread having someone looking at my files. LOL


Dancing With the Stars - Season 9 Premiere - part 1

It's BACK! Tonight, the Men will dance!

Corny opening number “The Boys Are Back in Town” the male pro dancers (who will dance with their partners tomorrow night) did a routine. Maks looks great, Jonathan looks adorable as always.

The proper intro/descent from the big staircases took place, all of the couples made their entrance. Just judging how some of them came down the stairs, it’s going to be an interesting season. Chuck Lidell, Tom Delay and Macy Gray are going to be train wrecks. Kathy Ireland looks clunky but pretty.

Tonight the men will dance twice, the first dance with their partner, the second dance as a relay with three other couples. Each will do a ballroom dance and a Latin dance. The relay dance will not be individually scored by each judge, but they will be ranked, with an added score (1st = 10, 2nd = 8, 3rd = 6, 4th = 4); that score will be added to their individual score. Total score for the night is listed next to my critique for the first dance, notes on the second (relay) dance at the end.

Aaron Carter/Karina Smirnoff – Cha-Cha-Cha – Posture isn’t great, kind of wormy movements, footwork is sort of flat. Len sees potential and called him stiff. Bruno sees potential but says too much energy. Carrie Ann said “excellent” but feet were funky. 22/30 + 10 = 32 for the night.

Chuck Lidell/Anna Trebunskaya – Fox Trot – Stiff, probably nerves, but not horrible…oh wait, yeah, he is. When he’s holding her and letting her lead, he’s OK. When they’re apart, it’s messy. Bruno called it rough. Carrie Ann said “not graceful but smooth and charming.” Len said “better than I thought it would be, would like to see him work on grace.” 16/30 + 6 = 22 for the night.

Mark Decascos/Lacey Schwimmer – Cha-Cha-Cha – Of course a Kung Fu theme. Nice hip moves, good arms. Sexy. Maybe a tad stiff. Carrie Ann is concerned about the arms. Len called them out on the Kung Fu and said he doesn’t want to see it in other dances, said feet were “dodgy.” Bruno said timing was off and saw need for improvement in footwork. 21/30 + 8 = 29 for the night.

Ashley Hamilton/Edyta Silwinska – Fox Trot – not very exciting. He’s tall, probably makes him look even more stiff. Len saw correct footwork, but said it was rough. Bruno said lack of showmanship and rough. Carrie Ann said that he failed to “define himself.” 15/30 + 4 = 19 for the night.

Donny Osmond/Kym Johnson – Fox Trot – I’ll start by saying that he doesn’t have a single line in his forehead! Okay, the showman is showing his stuff. This one will be scored high. He’s good. Bruno faulted posture. Carrie Ann agreed. Len called it too theatrical. 20/30 + 10 = 30 for the night.

Louie Vito/Chelsie Hightower – Fox Trot – Okay, he’s a total stoner. He’ll be fun to watch. He’s kind of cute. He looks like a little boy trying to emulate big boy moves. Kind of stiff but not horrible. Oh he just stumbled a bit. Safe and nice. Carrie Ann enjoyed it, critiqued the feet a bit. Len said technique was good and enjoyed it. Bruno said it lacked fluidity, sees potential. 19/30 + 8 = 27 for the night.

Michael Irvin/Anna Demadova – Cha-Cha-Cha – Really trying to work the hips, but he’s not. Wow is he stiff. He doesn’t seem to have much sense of rhythm. Okay, loosening up a bit towards the end. Bleh. Len wasn’t fond of it, said it needed more content. Bruno said it was poor (footwork, timing, content). Carrie Ann agrees with Len, said there was lack of content and blamed the pro. 13/30 + 6 = 19 for the night.

Tom Delay/Cheryl Burke – Cha-Cha-Cha – He nauseates me with his comments as he’s rehearsing. Something about looking like a sissy. Eww..watching him shake his diapered butt is gross. Cheryl choreographed a safe dance for him. He’s got the steps but no flourish. Eww…more butt shaking. Bruno called him crazier than Sarah Palin. Said the dancing wasn’t too bad. Carrie Ann called it surreal and said he has a natural grace. Len said part magic, part tragic. 16/30 + 4 = 20 for the night.

Salsa Relay – Chuck, Ashley, Donny and Louie. - Ashley’s arms are like rubber bands, but his body is stiff. Chuck is a bit intense but better than his ballroom dance. Donny has the moves. Louie came out doing flips and has the body movements. 4th is Ashley, 3rd is Chuck, 2nd is Louie, 1st is Donny. Points added above.

Viennese Waltz Relay – Aaron, Mark, Michael and Tom. - Aaron has very big moves but looks good. Mark is looking very precise and refined. Tom looks like a dirty old crook. Michael looks lost but has a huge smile. 4th is Tom, 3rd is Michael, 2nd is Mark, 1st is Aaron. Points added above.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dancing With the Stars - Season 9 Starts Monday 9/21!

While this season's episode of DWTS isn't as exciting to me as the previous season (see my seemingly endless posts about Belinda Carlisle's inclusion in season 8, even after she was voted off), I'm still excited that the show is returning for another season with the largest cast ever.

Above is the score sheet that I assembled for work. A handful of coworkers and I make our guesses on who will land where in the elimination process. Since we're often wrong, we allow ourselves to guess again after the half-way point (hence the "Rank 2" box). No wagers are placed, we do this for fun and it makes for some lively discussions at lunch after elimination day.

The way I understand this season's first week, the men will dance first on Monday night, the women will dance on Tuesday night. Both nights will have 2 hour time blocks. Another hour of DWTS will air on Wednesday, unknown to me at this time is whether it will be an elimination show or just a recap.

As I have done in the past, I will recap. You've been warned. :)

Stay tuned...

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mom's Words, Not Mine

Here's another Mom story. This one dates backa few years.

Mom's crafty. Since retirement, she took up knitting, quilting, decoupage and construction. Well, construction is a bit of an exaggeration, but she decided to build a doll house. There was no logical reason for her to build a doll house but she didn't let that stop her. She came home one day with a kit so big, I had to bring it in the house. Then came the tools. A sander, a router, a saw, hammer and screw drivers, and some tools I've never seen.

Even though she had a kit, she still needed more stuff. She quickly became a regular at Home Depot. Every couple of weeks she would go get more stuff.

One Sunday she came home from the Home Depot and was flustered. She loaded her purchases in the car, started it and rolled down the windows. She looked and then slowly began to back out of her parking spot. She stopped suddenly because someone appeared behind the car, almost out of nowhere. She waited until the woman passed, and once she did, she rather crabbily said to my mom "Didn't you see me???" My mom replied "See you? I was aiming for you!" The woman looked horrified. My mom said she then flipped the woman off, hit the gas pedal and drove away.

Yes, that's my mom.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Dear Friend Steve

It's been a while since I've introduced you to one of my friends. This is Steve, and he's the only friend that I can say that I slept with before we became friends. And I do mean that we slept together.

We met a bunch of years ago, went home together, got naked, rolled around for a while and then passed out. Over the years, we would run into one another, chat and laugh about our non-romp. And then we would laugh some more. The key to our friendship is the fact that we always find something to laugh about.

Steve has a unique living arrangement. His partner lives in Miami, Steve has a good job here in Chicago. He spends 2 weeks out of each month here, then spends 2 weeks in Florida. Whenever he's back in Chicago, we hang out a lot. We've started having Martini Thursday. Sometimes we have Martini Friday and Martini Monday, too. Don't get me wrong, we're not lushes, we're just supporting the local economy.

Today, Steve started a a blog. It's called "Things I Know." I encourage you to have a look, enjoy his humor and wit, and leave a comment every so often. But don't ask him to sleep with you, unless you don't mind snoring. LOL

Just curious...

I came home from work, went into the bathroom, sat down, did my business then when I was finished, the used bathroom tissue was perfectly clean. Is it wrong that such an event made me happy?

I know, I haven't blogged much lately and I come back with this. Maybe I should have waited until I had a better topic to discuss. :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mom's words, not mine

There's someone who Tweets "Shit my dad says," and the comments are hilarious. It made me think that my mom says some pretty funny stuff. Her comments are a bit more verbose than Twitter's 140 allowed characters so instead, I'll share her comments with you, here. Keep in mind that mom will be 78 in December. She's able to get around, and she drives. She goes to the grocery store on Saturday mornings, often she comes back with stories.

One Saturday, she arrived home and as she often is, she was perplexed with her shopping experience. Our closest grocery store is Jewel. It's a regional chain, our store is one of their smaller stores. As you can imagine, Saturdays are busy days in the store. Apparently at the point she arrived, so did a van carrying handicapped adults, most of whom were in scooters. The scene, as she described it is as follows:

"I'm just trying to get my shopping done, I wanted to get in, get my groceries and come home. The aisles are small, and I kept running into these people on those damn scooters. I know I'm slow but COME ON, why do they have to be here when the entire neighborhood is shopping? I got to the end of one aisle and there's one of them, he's a big one, and he's slumped over in his scooter. I thought maybe he was dead. I said "excuse me," then said it again but he didn't move. I needed to get past him. The sticker on the back of his scooter read "I MATTER." I finally pushed through with my cart and said "I MATTER TOO, NOW GET OUT OF MY GOD DAMNED WAY!" I was so mad."

I would like to say that I was stunned, but this is typical. I just said "mom, you did NOT say that to him!" She paused and finally said "well, no...BUT I WANTED TO!"

I think she would have, had she waited much longer.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Miss Baltimore Crabs

(article courtesy of TheaterMania.com)
Belinda Carlisle to Star in West End Hairspray

Pop singer Belinda Carlisle will take on the role of Velma Von Tussle in the award-winning West End production of the musical Hairspray at the Shaftesbury Theatre, beginning on October 26.

As of that date, the cast will include Phill Jupitus (Edna), Chloe Hart (Tracy), Sharon D. Clarke (Motormouth Maybelle), Verity Rushworth (Penny), Liam Tamme (Link), Adrian Hansel (Seaweed), Tony Timberlake (Wilbur), Nicola Brazil (Amber), Gavin Alex (Corny), and Raquel Jones (Little Inez).

Based on the hit film by John Waters, Hairspray has music by Marc Shaiman, lyrics by Shaiman and Scott Whitman, and a book by Mark O'Donnell and Thomas Meehan. The production is directed by Jack O'Brien.

I really want to go to London now. My luck, I'd get there and she would have an understudy for the day. LOL