Monday, April 28, 2008

Today is April 28

File Under: Why?

It's the end of April. The polar ice caps are melting. Global warming is here. Why the fuck did it snow in Chicago today?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

That Stranger on the Street

File Under: Curiosities

Today I was traveling from my Lakeshore office to my Central office. I don't do this every day, only a couple times every two weeks. This morning's trip was at about 9:30. I'm a people watcher so if I'm at an intersection, I'll look around and if there's someone attractive on the corner, I'll stare a bit. So I got to thinking, what if the person I'm glancing at were "the one," but thanks to timing and circumstances, the closest we'll ever come to meeting is that short period of time in traffic, which really isn't much of a meeting.

Driving isn't the only place this happens, it could be anywhere, really. Glance out the window while folding clothes at the laundromat and someone walks by. Your eyes meet and as quick as a blink, it's over. Walk into a department store and make eyes at someone in the shoe department. Okay, that last one presents the opportunity to actually initiate more contact than just the fleeting glance but that's just an example.

They say that someone's out there for everybody, just makes you wonder how many met under unusual circumstances, such as a glance in traffic or at the laundromat.

Do you have a story to share?

Spring is HERE!

File Under: Giddy for Spring!

Springtime has arrived in Chicago. The weather has been very pleasant, grass is sprouting, tulips are coming up and the trees have blossoms and hints of early green. It's just a happy time. Oh sure, I'm not fooled, we could have days where it feels a bit cold, there will be rain, and it's Chicago so it will be windy. But it's SPRING!

Here are some pictures I took today. Random acts of Springtime!

Pretty trees!

A blooming tree outside of work:

The Buddhist Temple, preparing for some sort of colorful festival:

What elements of Springtime make you happy?

Monday, April 14, 2008


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Kiko, from the Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show in her first music video.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Taming Your Pussy

File Under: Here kitty, kitty.

So no, I haven't gotten rid of my cat. I'm working with her to try to change her behavior. She acts out in the early evening. If I can distract her at the time that her outbursts occur, then maybe I can break her of it. After dinner each evening I break out the toys and tire her out a bit. So far she seems to appreciate the attention and hasn't misbehaved.

She must know I'm typing about her, she's sitting in my lap with her head resting on my arm.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Good Cat/Bad Cat

File Under: Bewildered

Millie is my cat that I've had for just under 6 years. She was a shelter cat who must have been the runt of her litter because she's on the small side. She's been a constant source of entertainment and companionship. She's got a lot of personality and my mom enjoys having her around.

About 6 weeks ago, she started acting strange. Out of nowhere, she attacked me - she wrapped her self around my leg and stuck her claws in. As of today I still have the scars to prove it. One scratch bled pretty heavily.

She did it two more times, since. Finally I decided to have her checked out at the vet. Without any outward signs of pain, they did bloodwork, which came back fine. The only thing that possibly was a problem were here teeth. I had those taken care of a couple weeks ago. My last blog mentioned the surgery and what she went through afterwards. She was fine until tonight.

After dinner, she followed me down the hallway. I stopped and she was right at my legs, arched back with really wide eyes. She was in attack mode. I took a couple steps and she watched intently and then got close again. I sat down on my bed and tried talking low to her and she still had the big eyes. I put her in my lap and she stirred and nipped, once at my jeans, once at my shirt and then she stared right into my face. Deciding I didn't want her to jump up at my face I pushed her off my lap and startled her out of my bedroom.

Cat bites are serious. Cat mouths are dirty. Vahona suffered a cat bite and we sat in the emergency room for two hours while they pumped her full of antibiotics. Her hand became very swollen. I don't want that. Worse, I don't want Millie biting my mom. So far she's exhibited no agression towards her but who's to say it won't happen. I don't want to take that chance, for either of us.

I'm going to sleep on it, then I'm going to make a couple calls tomorrow. I'm going to call a no-kill shelter in the area to see if they have anybody there who is familiar with this sort of behavior in animals, but mostly I'm calling to see if they would take her, should I decide to give her up.

I don't know what else to do. I'm heartbroken, as is my mom, but something's got to change.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Week in Review

File Under: I should have bought stock in Kleenex

I had a pretty decent week, last week. My friend Andy, who lives in Dayton, was in town on business. We have never met in person, we became friends online through the Go-Go's message board and our other message board, QTS (Queens Talking Shit). It was really nice to finally meet Andy in person and we had lots of laughs as I toured him around Chicago. Monday evening we drove around most of the time. I showed him my Chicago, taking him to my neighborhood, pointing out some of the landmarks that I have mentioned over the years on the message board. He appreciated putting the pictures with the names. On Tuesday, we met up and we decided to go someplace to have a couple drinks. We went to Sidetrack, a bar in Lakeview (Boystown). It was quiet and we had a very enjoyable time sitting and chatting and watching videos. Our friend Anthony joined us. It was a lovely evening.

Then, the cold came on. The scratchy throat had been a factor since Monday but wasn't much of an issue. As of Wednesday afternoon, I began to sneeze and my nose began to run. I was still calling it allergies since I was in denial mode. I knew it was a cold but I did my best to ignore it in the hopes that it would just go away. It didn't.

Friday was the worst day, my nose was in full running mode. I was tired and cranky but couldn't be for long because Vahona had purchased tickets for us to see The Kids in the Hall. The show was in Merrillville so I had to drive to Indiana. The drive was nice, and for some reason, when I'm outside my sinuses behave so I felt okay. The show was great, we laughed our asses off but I was tired when I got home so I didn't go out afterwards. I stayed up about a half hour longer (long enough to have one drink) then I went to bed.

So, back to the reference I made about having stock in Kleenex. Dan was sick with a cold. I talked to him on Saturday. I made a joke about something, causing him to laugh which caused him to launch into a coughing fit that lasted close to a minute. Vahona was sick with a cold, too. Hers is a chest cold and she had passed the major coughing phase so at least we weren't in chorus at the show Friday night. I talked to two other friends who also had colds.

Saturday I felt much better and was able to enjoy the great Springtime weather we've been having. I hit the gym then walked around and did a bit of shopping. Today was pretty much the same thing.

One word of caution, don't mix vodka and Sudafed PE Sinus and Allergy medicine. I went out last night and was fine after the first drink, but somewhere into the second one, the booze really took effect. I think I held my own okay and even though I was spinning, I didn't have any dramatic face dives into the bar and I made it home safely. :)

Right now I'm formatting a new external hard drive for my computer. I decided it was time to back up some important files, like my 3000+ songs in my iTunes library and all of my pictures.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where have I been?

File Under: Missing In Action
I haven't blogged in a few days. Perhaps you became worried about me, wondering if I ran off to become a Scientologist. Well no, not yet at least.
I cooked a turkey for Easter. It was my first turkey and it came out very well. See?

At the same time, I've been dealing with a sick cat. Millie went to the vet recently and it was discovered that she needed to have some teeth pulled. The Tuesday after Easter I took her in and three teeth were pulled. She did fine, was a bit disoriented when she came home and she had lost her voice. As of Friday, she had yet to poop and yet to meow. I had a constipated cat. I called the vet and was told to give her some Metamucil. Saturday morning, it worked. She was happy, and was trying to meow again. Then, she sneezed. And wheezed, and sniffled. Millie had a cold. For the next 4 days she slept a lot and made a lot of noises that sounded like a baby with a cold.

This morning she woke up, stretched, meowed and went about her day like nothing was wrong. Millie is finally feeling better. So much better that tonight she lunged at me, just like she's been doing for the past month, leaving ugly scars on the back of my legs. I'm considering introducing her to more cold germs.

Here she is lounging on top of a laundry basket:

Lastly, my friend Andy paid me a visit. Andy lives in Ohio. We've never met in person, until Monday. He and I chat on a message board and we've talked on the phone bunches of times. When he said he was being sent here for a conference, I insisted that I would show him around. Monday evening was stellar. We drove around, I gave him my tour of Chicago, showing him my neighborhood and the places I visit. We even stopped at Target.
On Tuesday we decided to actually get out of the car and have a drink and be social. We ended up at Sidetrack, a popular video bar here in the Lakeview (aka Boystown) neighborhood. Our friend Anthony joined us and the three of us had a lovely visit.
Tonight it was back to my regular routine. It was laundry night. Nothing exciting to say about that.