Friday, April 30, 2010

Dancing With the Stars

Season 10 has been good...not great.

Pam Anderson continues to amaze me. She's really taking this very seriously and it quite the dancer. She assumes the character and gives it her all. Her quickstep to Dolly Parton's "9 to 5" was cute.

Nicey Nash is bubbly and charming. She's always talking about being a big girl and working her "jiggly parts." Funny, in a recent issue of People Magazine, they said she's a size 8. Sad that a size 8 is considered fat. She's curvy but is very attractive. She's not the best dancer and won't see the final 3 but I enjoy her very much and will continue to vote for her.

Jake Pavelka was voted off this week. He was the most recent "Bachelor" from the ABC series that preceeded this round of DWTS. He was super-cute and fun to watch.

Kate Gosslin was miserable to watch and was voted off last week. I didn't like her at all and was amazed at how long she lasted. I felt bad for her professional partner. He was polite and said nice things about her each week.

The three to watch are Erin Andrews (ESPN reporter), Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Doll) and Aaron Lysacek (Olympic scater). I'm not a big fan of Aaron and I think he and Nicole have an advantage so if that ends up being the final 3, I'm going to root for Erin.

Are you watching this season? What are your thoughts?

Okay, Okay, I'm a Gleek Too

Blame Dan and Steve. Both of them have been telling me how great Glee is and they couldn't believe I wasn't watching. I had caught most of one episode and I was impressed but I kept telling myself I couldn't take on another show. However, I was strolling through Target one Sunday and saw the DVD set for the first part of Season 1 on sale. I bought it because otherwise I wouldn't have reached my required minimum purchase amount for trips to Target. You know, you go in for one thing and spend $50 bucks. I came home, unwrapped it, admired the cute guys, and began watching.


I watched all 13 episodes over 3 days. Work days. I watched a few that Sunday, then woke up Monday morning and watched one before work, then watched a couple before bed, then one the next morning and the rest that night before bed.

FUN!! FUN!! FUN!! I love it.

Now I'm watching the new episodes weekly. The Madonna episode was cute.

Are you a Gleek?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Saturday I went to the post office. The line was long, there were a number of noisy kids in there. Everybody seemed pretty orderly in line. Working their way through the line were two kids; one was about 4. He was piloting his very small sister through the crowd, she had to be just over a year old. She was walking, barely. More of a semi-balanced stomp, but she managed to stay vertical and was having quite a time with it. She babbled, mostly incoherently, it appeared that she could barely talk. Until...out of nowhere, rather loudly and clear as a bell, she blurted out "WHAT THE FUCK!" Everybody heard it, most gasped, I shook my head and said "wow, nice." A couple minutes later, the parents came along, and then it made more sense. They were aruging as they were walking out the door.

It's Springtime and The Kitties Are Horny

I have a feeling that seeing "Horny Kitty" in my title will make Dan giggle. That's because it relates to someone we used to see at our hangout, The Jackhammer, from time to time. When you're a regular, you spot the other regulars and semi-regulars or the "irregulars." One guy in particular would come in with his friends, all dolled up for a night on the town. He was tanned, had his hair all whooped up and usually wore either a tight t-shirt or button down shirt with most of the buttons unbuttoned. In other words, he was looking for some action. His technique was very forward. He would focus on someone he wanted to know better and get really close and rub up against them. One night he did this to Dan. It was rather humorous to watch. Dan read him like a book and played along for a while but grew increasingly impatient with him. I leaned in and said "he's like a horny kitty - MEOWWWWWW!" Dan and I both laughed, while the guy was boucing around and doing his mating dance for Dan and a number of other guys in close proximity. And each time he would rub up against another guy, I'd let out another meow, much like a cat in heat.

I think the warmer weather brings out the "horny kitty" in a lot of people. Well, in everybody, though they express it differently. Some are very obvious about it, rubbing up against everyone to let them know that it's mating season. Others take a more indirect approach as the stalk their potential mates until they find the right time to approach. But it's definitely happening now.

Case in point - I went out Friday evening, to Jackhammer, to have a couple drinks and see my friends. I ran into a few, and then I started making new friends. From across the bar, a handsome guy caught my eye and winked. I smiled. He was with someone so his flirtation was taking place when the guy he was with was looking away or had stepped away. I was flattered, so I smiled and okay, maybe I winked back. This went on for over an hour. Then I was closer to them, and I heard their conversation with the bartender so I made a comment. Immediately I was invited over to participate in their conversation. Turns out they were visiting from out of state. They found the bar on the recommendation of others they had met in boystown the previous night. Well, I love out of towners, I find it so interesting to hear the stories of their experiences in the city. The three of us had a nice conversation. And yes, the flirting continued, the other one seemed oblivious to it. They shared with me the fact that they were both 29. Eventually I took them to the downstairs bar, their curiousity got the best of them and they wanted to see what was going on. Let's just say it's a friendly part of the bar. We stayed a few minutes. There was potential for things to become *ahem* much more friendly but I decided to keep things a little more "proper." We eventually went upstairs and then to the bar next door. They each had a drink and decided it was time to go back to their hotel. The end of a fun and friendly evening.

Saturday, I went to the grocery store. I had a short list. Good thing, because I had to be to dinner at Dan and Luis' in 90 minutes. I turned down an aisle and noticed a handsome guy pushing his cart ahead of me. I continued down the aisle, he turned and smiled. I smiled back. When I continued up the next aisle, he was at the end of it, watching me approach. He was smiling. I smiled again and nodded. A couple more turns, there he was again, all smiles and watching me. Okay, I knew this wasn't a fluke, I knew someone wasn't behind me, but I hadn't decided what to do next. All I knew is that I had to get finished because I was on a schedule. So I went down an aisle, stopped and wrote my phone number on a slip of paper. I had it folded and in my hand so that the next time I passed him, I would hand it to him. I turned up the aisle and he wasn't there. I searched a couple more aisles and he was gone. I finished my shopping and got in line. I then noticed he was a couple rows over and smiling at me from checkout. In front of me was someone I know from the gym, and he was yapping about something...I don't know, maybe weather, maybe sports, maybe world affairs...anyway flirty guy was finished and wheeled past. He waved. I waved. My phone number was still in my pocket.

I got out of the store and saw him across the street, walking with his groceries. I loaded mine in the car and since he was going the same direction as I needed to go, I watched for him. I found him walking up the street where I had turned to head home. He saw me, smiled and watched me drive by. I parked, got out of the car and he came over. I said "Listen, I am flattered by all of your attention in the store. I would love to stand here and chat but I have to be somewhere very soon. Here's my cell number, I hope you'll call." He smiled and said "wow, that's sweet, but I have a boyfriend."


So I sighed and said "well, you've got the number, do with it what you will. Throw it out, wrap your gum in it, call, text or send pictures." Thanks for all of the glances and smiles." He laughed and said "well you're very handsome and hard to resist. Sorry for the mixed signals." I smiled and said "yeah, me too, but it was nice chatting." I got back in my car and drove off. All the way around the corner to my house. As I was unloading groceries, he stopped at the corner and watched, then waved as we continued to walk on.

An hour later he sent me a text message.

We exchanged a few messages Sunday evening. Unsure what's up with his boyfriend, but I'm neighborly so I'll chat. I'll keep you posted.

I'm sad to report, there were no encounters with horny kitties on Sunday. Hopefully though, it's the start of a very interesting spring and summer.