Monday, March 29, 2010

Dancing With the Stars

This week saw some improvements and some missteps. Those who improved were Shannen, Jake, Niecy, Pam and Erin. Nicole was fantastic again, and Kate was awful. Buzz was fun to watch but didn't fare so well this week. Chad was a disappointment.

Pam came out and did a fox trot and was captivating to watch. She was charming and fun and hit the steps with precision.

Niecy also did a fox trot and did very well. She was elegant and smooth.

Shannen did a jive that challenged her but she showed growth.

Kate did a jive and showed fear. I kid you not, the look on her face was terror. She was not happy to be there and hopefully everybody realized it and won't vote for her.

Tomorrow is the first elimination. Hopefully it will be Kate.

Better Late Than Never

Okay, I'm on board.
Sunday I bought Glee, Season 1 Vol. 1 at Target for the low, low price of $17.99. Low and behold, I like it!! Now I just have to catch up before the second part of the season resumes on April 13.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Dancing With the Stars - Season 10

Tonight was the premiere of season 10 of Dancing With the Stars. I see Belinda Carlisle has already been voted off. With that said, I won't be recapping. I'll watch but I won't take notes. Maybe I'll toss out a comment or two each week.

New set this year, the backstage lounge has been replaced by the celeb-aquarium just up a few steps from the stage.

I enjoyed Niecy Nash, I think she'll be fun. Pam Anderson is a hot mess and totally a blast to see dance, and she's not bad!! Evan Lysacek thinks he's great but I'm here to tell you, he's not all that. And that Kate Gosslin was awful and a bitch on top of it.

No results show this week, they'll all dance again next Monday and then someone will go home on Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Imagine my surprise...

...when I was looking at my own blog and realized that I have 22 followers. Stop laughing, Daniel!! There was a point in time when you had 22 followers, perhaps on day 3, but I digress. Maybe you've all been there a while, just waiting for me to say something, maybe tomorrow I'll have lost some of you. I hope not though. Thanks for following!! *kiss*

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Happy List

Welcome back to another chapter of me. There's no good explanation for my absence. I haven't been abducted by aliens, I have not been swept off my feet by an attractive and wealthy suitor, I haven't been traveling the world. I just haven't had a lot to say. Winter drains me of energy and creativity I guess (is it boastful to call this blog "creative?"). But, spring is rapidly approaching, the weather is changing and today on my drive home I saw hints of green sticking out of the ground, telling me that in a week or so we should start seeing tulips and daffodills.

But I haven't crawled under a rock, either. I've been out and about, doing stuff and keeping busy, finding things along the way to celebrate and smile about. Allow me to share. In no particular order...

"Telephone" by Lady Gaga, featuring Beyonce - I'm kind of at a loss for words on how to describe this video. It's more than a Music video, it's a mini movie, that's a cross between 70's blacksploitation and women in prison films, but the women are heroes. There's dancing and poison, and tough prison guards, kitchy hair and hats and the Pussy Mobile. It's 4 quarts of crazy and I can't stop watching it. Find it on YouTube. You'll be amazed.

I've become the primary cook in the house ever since my mom broke her hip last fall. It's been a challenge coming up with things to cook that we can both enjoy. Part of the task is getting mom to eat so that she'll put on weight. I could prepare the things that she would normally fix but I've found that I have better success with new things. Big flavors, things that are different but familiar. I take recipes from online, from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food Magazine, and from The Food Network.

Yesterday I picked up Rocco Dispirito's new cookbook "Now Eat This." I paged through it briefly at the store but took it with me to Starbucks where I paged though it and studied each recipe. Luckily I took a book of Post-It notes as I now have over two dozen recipes tagged that I want to make. Rocco has taken over 150 favorite foods and reworked the recipes so that each dish is 350 calories or less per serving. Dishes like macaroni and cheese, chicken cordon bleu and chicken fried steak with sausage gravy. Rocco surveyed fans on Facebook and Twitter and received feedback on many of his ideas so fans got a sneek peak at the recipes he was perfecting. I'll let you know how they are as I make them.

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland - I had been hopeful that this movie would be good and I was not disappointed. I went on opening weekend wtih Dan, Luis, Tina, Denise, Polo and Steve. We all enjoyed it very much. It's in 3-D, and it's the first film I've seen in a theatre in the "new" 3-D. I was amazed at how vivid it was. I'm a fan of the technology and of this film. If you have not seen it, definitely go see it!

ABC Comedy Wednesdays - I have a problem taking on new television shows. I'm no television snob, I'm not someone who allows himself only a couple hours of TV a week. I only limit myself because I don't need any more distractions that will have me sitting on my fat ass every evening. However, there's that hour of television on Wednesday that I adore.

Modern Family is well written, it mingles the lives of three separate families, who all happen to be related, so their stories often connect with one another. It's just a nice portrayal of three very different family units.

Cougar Town also makes me laugh out loud. I've been a Courtney Cox fan for years and it's nice to see her back on TV and in a show that is smart, clever and showcases her comedic timing. She works with a great cast, all of whom bring something great to the show. If you watch Modern Family but turn off the TV after it ends, consider watching this show, too.

I'll admit it, I waste a lot of time on Facebook. Much of that time is taken up by FarmVille. I love my little farm, looking at my animals, tending to my trees, planting and harvesting crops. It's mindless and on more than one occasion I've come home from work after a bad day and my farm has put me in a good mood. It's silly but then again, I tend to be silly, too.

I treated myself this year when I got my income tax refund. I was responsible and bought tires for my car, but I had enough remaining to buy myself a new iPod Touch. My previous iPod still works but the charge wasn't lasting as long. Since I didn't pay for my previous one (I won it at work for meeting a recruitment goal), this is the first one I bought in 6 years. I can see the screen when I'm working out, I like the touch-screen capabilities, and I have apps! It has most of the functions of an iPhone, minus the ability to make calls, take pictures and endless wireless connectivity. I can use the internet features anytime I can pick up a WiFi signal. It's fun to sit at Starbucks with it, listen to music and play online.

This last item is not something that I have right now, but looking forward to it makes me happy. Belinda Carlisle wrote her memoirs and the book Lips Unsealed will be published on June 1 2010. Unsure if it will be a complete tell-all of her life, but she has said that it's inspirational. In recent years she's been a practicing Buddhist, she's taken up yoga and has been living a healthy lifestyle. The book should be about the journey to where she is now. I feel like I know a lot of it already, but I'm guessing that much of it will surprise me.

There's a short list of the things that have me feeling happy and excited. What's on your list? Do you enjoy any of the things I've been enjoying? Do you have any suggestions for me? Please share!