Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Strange Dream

I had a really weird dream this morning. It involved me going out to dinner with Dan, Tina, and I think Steve. We were in a crowded restaurant waiting for two other people to join us, one of the two people was to be Matthew (the guy I dated last year). I was really mad and very confused as to why we were having dinner with him, yet I felt at ease knowing that three of my friends were with me. I recall looking around a lot and seeing other people walk by, they were all faces of people I see on a regular basis - people I talk to at the gym, coworkers, friends from the bar. I was getting really impatient with the situation, I decided I wanted to leave but Tina and Dan would not let me. I woke up before the other two guests arrived. When I looked at the clock, it said 6:15 (which meant it was 6:00 but my clock is 15 minutes fast). Turns out I forgot to set my alarm and I woke up at the time I normally get out of bed. I was actually glad to be awake.


Dan said...

oh girl - you know if i was there it was going to be a happy dream!

Jimbo said...

LOL - True!!