Friday, April 30, 2010

Okay, Okay, I'm a Gleek Too

Blame Dan and Steve. Both of them have been telling me how great Glee is and they couldn't believe I wasn't watching. I had caught most of one episode and I was impressed but I kept telling myself I couldn't take on another show. However, I was strolling through Target one Sunday and saw the DVD set for the first part of Season 1 on sale. I bought it because otherwise I wouldn't have reached my required minimum purchase amount for trips to Target. You know, you go in for one thing and spend $50 bucks. I came home, unwrapped it, admired the cute guys, and began watching.


I watched all 13 episodes over 3 days. Work days. I watched a few that Sunday, then woke up Monday morning and watched one before work, then watched a couple before bed, then one the next morning and the rest that night before bed.

FUN!! FUN!! FUN!! I love it.

Now I'm watching the new episodes weekly. The Madonna episode was cute.

Are you a Gleek?

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