Sunday, October 10, 2010

Random Thoughts

Well gosh, just when I planned on blogging a bit more, I realized I didn't have much to say. I went from blogging about every little thing to realizing that I don't really have that much to say. So rather than bore everybody with minutiae every day, I've collected those thoughts and gathered them in one (hopefully not so) big blog post.

In no particular order...

Autumn is upon us and generally this is the time of year when I start to feel a bit blue, just because the "social" season has ended. By social, I mean steet festivals, outdoor parties, etc. Luckily there will still be some social happening through the end of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas are always enjoyable.

Tonight at dinner we decided that our Halloween theme will be vampires. Each year we pick a theme for all of us who will be celebrating it at Dan and Luis' house. Dan and Luis will be out of town that weekend, we're basically the house sitters who make sure we hand out lots of candy to all the kids, thus preventing the house from being covered in eggs and all of the trees and bushes from being wrapped in toilet paper. Last year we handed out close to 1000 pieces of candie. We were Witches (I was a Warlock). This year we will be vampires. What kind of vampires is yet to be determined. I'm thinking classic vampire (red cape, brocade vest, white shirt, black pants, and of course fangs). I'm not really feeling all Twilight-like, I don't have the body for it. Whatever I decide, it'll be fun. We have a blast at the house.

Tonight we celebrated Polo's birthday. His actual birthday was last Thursday; tonight we went to dinner and had a great time. I love our get togethers. We're all busy and they don't happen as often as they once did (at one time we were all together on a weekly basis), but when we do, it's as if we haven't missed a minute. We've got a couple more birthdays coming up before Christmas, and I'm sure we'll gather a few times before the year ends.

So, a funny thing happened on the way to the dentist. Back in mid-August I was clicking around on a social networking site and found a picture of a guy that made me laugh. I clicked it, liked what I read in his profile and sent a quick note. I think it said 'Hi. Love your picture." I hit SEND and then I logged off.

The next morning I was scheduled to go into work late because I needed to take my mom to the dentist. I was awake at my usual time and had time to kill so I went to Starbucks, and I logged back on to the same site and he was on. I got a reply that said "Hi cutie, how are you this morning?" We chatted a while. He was getting ready for work, I was killing time while waiting until it was time to go get my mom. We exchanged numbers and continued our conversation via text messages during the day. That evening, we met at Starbucks and chatted. It was perfect. From that point forward, we've been seeing each other regularly. It's nice, relaxed and fun. At the same time, it's exciting. We share a lot of likes, but we each bring new things to the table. It's different than previous experiences with dating, I feel comfortable around him because he's happy, and he makes me happy.

I'm definitely putting it out for all to see, including him. He knows that I have a blog, I'll post on Facebook that I've updated this. I don't think I've disclosed anyting new. I've been pretty forthcoming with him about how he makes me feel. This whole process makes me nervous, given my past history, but I'm hopeful, and excited. Wish me luck with this one. :)

Last weekend I was in Miami for a wedding. The daughter of a good family friend got married. I've known the bride from practically the day she was born. The wedding was beyond gorgeous. Every bit of it was perfection. I invited my dear friend Denise to join me. Denise and I travel well together, we shared a room when we all went to Puerto Rico. Denise is fun and easy going. She puts up with my neurotic ways and my assorted quirks. We spend more time laughing than talking. The theme of this trip was friends and booze. We arrived Thursday evening and by 11, we were checked into our hotel and had found a restaurant to have a light snack and 3 drinks. the trend continued through Friday, when our dear friend Steve met us and we all sat down for the first round. By the time the evening was finished, we lost count. Neither Denise or I were completely wasted, but we had a happy buzz going.

Saturday was the wedding so the drinking was light. We sipped champagne and wine at the wedding but decided to save ourselves for Sunday.

We started Sunday with Bloody Marys (2 each). We met up with my Aunt and visited with her for a while. Afterwards we found ourselves making a brief stop at a tea dance (there was neither tea or dancing taking place) before finding The Clevelander Hotel. What we found once we were there was a sea of young, fun, drunk boys, bimbo women wearing giant heels and tiny bikinis, fembots, 60-year-olds pretending to be 25, and random freaks. We decided we had walked into the real life Jersey Shore. We even had names for a lot of our favorites. We learned a lesson too. If you're in a similar crowd and want to talk to someone, yell out "Duuude!" Someone will answer and they'll think they've found their oldest friend in the world. Each time I did this, someone else greeted me and Denise and I would laugh. Oh, maybe the humor was in the half dozen rum runner drinks we consumed. Eventually, it began to get dark and the cute boys all went to take naps (must have been a curfew thing) and the crowd shifted to people our age or older. This was our signal to leave.

Monday we awoke surprisingly chipper and ready to face the reality of coming home. We got our breakfast, packed our bags, gassed up the rental car and said goodbye to South Beach. But we didn't leave Florida without first having one last drink...margaritas at the airport. OLE!

Florida was by far one of the best trips I've ever taken. So much fun!

There you have it! We're now all caught up.

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