Monday, March 17, 2008


File Under: Dan made me do it!

So on Friday night, I was having a lovely dinner with my friends Dan, Luis, Tina and Polo. Luis cooked lamb (he made chicken for me because until Friday I did not like lamb) and roasted potatoes and a lovely tapenade appetizer. It was nice to just relax and enjoy the company of a group of people who I care so much about. Then the F-word was spoken. They mentioned "Facebook."

I've had a MySpace account for a couple years and I've mentioned it a couple times but nobody joined. All of a sudden I'm hearing all these great things about Facebook.

Friday night was not just a dinner, it was an initiation ceremony. And I fell for it. :)

I started off simple. I joined, found Dan, added him and Luis and Tina and Polo as Friends. Then I found my friends Mike and Rick and added them too. Then I let Facebook have a look at my email address book and it found more friends. Then I got Vahona to Join. Next thing I know, I'm a vampire and I've bitten people. I've been hugged, thrown pillows (check out my BeBee Gallini's PINK!) and placed armies in Iceland. It's fun! It's like crack.

Help me.

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