Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Problem Child

File Under: Agressive Pussy

This is my cat, Millie.

Millie came into my home in August 2002. She was a shelter rescue and is small and loveable and entertaining. She has also become a bit of a problem.

Call it boredom, call it bottled up energy, call it play...she has developed a bit of an agressive streak. Twice she has launched into attach mode and focused her assault on the back of my leg. Through thick denim, I have a gouge and two long scratches on the back of my leg and a gouge and some smaller scratches on the front of my leg. Being the drama queen that I am, I was convinced that she had a brain tumor and it was causing this agression. She hasn't been acting herself in the evenings though at night she's just as sweet and loving as can be, she curls up and falls asleep on my legs through the night. Okay, not the most comfortable place for a cat but she weighs all of 8 pounds so it's not so bad.

I decided today to take her to the vet. At the very least they would trim her nails and tell me she's okay. She was very good at the vet. Since she's small, she is pretty powerful but she didn't try to bolt, instead she looked around a lot but stayed on the exam table. The doctor listened to me describe her symptoms and behavior. She examimed Millie and suggested bloodwork, jut to rule things out. She thinks that Millie is fine, which is a relief and I brought her home with trimmed nails. Tomorrow I will learn the results of the blood tests. I also came home with some brochures on dealing with agressive cats.

I'll deal with it alright...Xanax. If this keeps up, kitty's going to be on pills.

Ah, the joys of parenthood.

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