Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Dan

Next up in the list of great birthdays in August is Dan's birthday. Today is Dan's Birthday, he's 41 today. A year ago, right at about this time, 6 close friends were sitting on a private boat on Lake Buena Vista in Florida enjoying the gorgeous fireworks display over The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. Never have I kept a secret from someone for so long. We began planning the trip in January 0f 2008, the adventure began to unfold three days before his actual Birthday. A series of envelopes containing clues lead Dan to the conclusion that he was going on an adventure, luckily it included all of us. Definitely a memorable event for us all, especially him.

This year there was no trip. We're planning to get together this coming Saturday to celebrate. I can promise that there will be plenty of food and good times and we'll make plenty of new memories.

Happy Birthday, to my very best friend, Dan.


Dan and Luis, June 2009

Polo, Dan and Me, June 2009.


Dan said...

Thanks Dollface!

I love that picture of the three of us!

Joy said...

Those are great pictures! Friendship like that is the best!