Thursday, August 6, 2009

Movie I Can't Wait to See!

I'm a fan of Julia Child. Loved her, loved watching her show on public television even when I didn't really understand what she was doing.

A couple years ago, I read her Biography "My Life in France." Immediately after, I read the most entertaining book "Julie and Julia."

Tomorrow, the movie "Julie and Julia" opens. Nora Ephron directed it and it merges both of the books. Meryl Streep plays Julia Child, and does so to a T. Amy Adams plays Julie Powell. Unsure if she plays her to a T but I'm sure she does a nice job.

Here's the preview of the film.


Marker said...

Did you know that Julia Child was a big fag hater?

Jimbo said...

If she had met me, she might have changed her mind. ;)

I've read conflicting accounts of her alleged gay hatred. Sad if she was though.

Berry Blog said...

I am so excited to see this movie.Streep is unfrogettable in anything she does. And look at've read the books!