Monday, August 24, 2009

I'm on Tour

Saturday, I bought myself a new toy - The Blackberry Tour!

I kid you not, I think cell phones are internally programmed to fail at about the time the contract is set to expire or at the point where a customer can upgrade. Truth be told, I was beginning to have a problem reading the display on my phone. With my contact lenses in, I need reading glasses to see small print. My arms were no longer long enough to hold the phone at a distance where I could read it.

Dan recently upgraded to a Blackberry. He seems to like it. Again, I followed his lead and decided to make the switch. My previous phone was the same phone as his, except mine was orange. I got it not long after he got his. I almost got one the last time I was due for a phone but they seemed too big at the time. The Tour is wider than my last phone but it's thinner.

I have no clue what I'm doing with it. I've figured out how to make and receive calls. I even figured out how to send text messages and picture messages. I've updated my contact list. I downloaded an application for Facebook so all of my contacts with Facebook now have their facebook pictures in my phone. I'm still learning, it'll be a while. It's fun. It's no iPhone but I think I like this just fine.

Now if I can just figure out why it vibrates from time to time...

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Joy said...

I got the Blackberry Curve mostly because it fit the place on my purses where I keep my cell phone. I have several Baggallini bags because they are so organized. The little keys are really small, and I can type on them with my thumbnails. That gets old. I do like it to check email and Facebook messages and to read blogs. Oh yeah, and to make and receive calls, too! LOL

Yours looks fancy. Enjoy!