Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blizzard 2011 - Tsnownami!

Right now we're having a blizzard. It's going to be a mess once it's all over but right now it's kind of amusing. Major thoroughfares are shut down, both of our airports are closed. Wind gusts are at about 60mph. the prediction right now is anywhere from 16 - 24 inches of snow. My office closed early today, and we're closed tomorrow. Well I shouldn't say "we." I work in a hospital and it's not closed, however I was told I didn't need to be there. I would have gone, I was going to walk to work.

Right now I've got the heat on high, hoping to get the house warm enough that if we lose electricity it'll stay warm for a while. I've also got a lot of blankets down from storage. That part of the storm is not so amusing.

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