Tuesday, January 8, 2008

To-Do List

File under: Get it done!

Here's a list of things I need to do, in no particular order.

*Organize my desk. I've got receipts, packs of gum, credit cards, pills, Duran Duran's latest CD, candles and an Easy Button (which as many times as I push it doesn't make my life any easier but it makes me laugh) scattered across this desk and I need to sort through it all, put some stuff away and throw out a bunch of this crap.

*Listen to "Red Carpet Massacre," Duran Duran's latest CD. My secret source (VAHONA!) is a huge fan and was privvy to some tracks early on. I heard them and wasn't impressed. But I love the band and bought it, and even met them. I have yet to actually put this CD into my player and listen to it. It's on my iPod and as often as I use my iPod, I have yet to hear any of the songs other than "Falling Down," the current single.

*Organize my file cabinet. I bought it a couple weeks ago and freed up some space in some bookshelves, making room for some books. Now I need to go and sort the papers that I dumped into the file cabinet. They're semi-sorted, I just need to get some hanging files and finish the project.

*Get a new computer. Once I get my finances in a bit better order (these last 6 months kicked my ass!), I'm going to get a new computer. I want a laptop.

*Lose 10 pounds. Last February I set the goal to look better on my 40th birthday than I did on my 30th birthday. I lost 12 pounds. I then got lazy and I've gained back 5 of those 12 pounds. When I lost the weight, I decided another 5 would be good, so once again, I'm on track and hoping to lose 10 pounds before summer.

*Celebrate Christmas with Vahona. Hasn't happened yet, it will soon. Her presents keep staring at me, they're on my dresser. They were under the tree but the tree is now boxed up and in the closet.

I'm sure there's more, but that's a good start.

What's on your To-Do list?

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