Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Week in Review

File Under: I should have bought stock in Kleenex

I had a pretty decent week, last week. My friend Andy, who lives in Dayton, was in town on business. We have never met in person, we became friends online through the Go-Go's message board and our other message board, QTS (Queens Talking Shit). It was really nice to finally meet Andy in person and we had lots of laughs as I toured him around Chicago. Monday evening we drove around most of the time. I showed him my Chicago, taking him to my neighborhood, pointing out some of the landmarks that I have mentioned over the years on the message board. He appreciated putting the pictures with the names. On Tuesday, we met up and we decided to go someplace to have a couple drinks. We went to Sidetrack, a bar in Lakeview (Boystown). It was quiet and we had a very enjoyable time sitting and chatting and watching videos. Our friend Anthony joined us. It was a lovely evening.

Then, the cold came on. The scratchy throat had been a factor since Monday but wasn't much of an issue. As of Wednesday afternoon, I began to sneeze and my nose began to run. I was still calling it allergies since I was in denial mode. I knew it was a cold but I did my best to ignore it in the hopes that it would just go away. It didn't.

Friday was the worst day, my nose was in full running mode. I was tired and cranky but couldn't be for long because Vahona had purchased tickets for us to see The Kids in the Hall. The show was in Merrillville so I had to drive to Indiana. The drive was nice, and for some reason, when I'm outside my sinuses behave so I felt okay. The show was great, we laughed our asses off but I was tired when I got home so I didn't go out afterwards. I stayed up about a half hour longer (long enough to have one drink) then I went to bed.

So, back to the reference I made about having stock in Kleenex. Dan was sick with a cold. I talked to him on Saturday. I made a joke about something, causing him to laugh which caused him to launch into a coughing fit that lasted close to a minute. Vahona was sick with a cold, too. Hers is a chest cold and she had passed the major coughing phase so at least we weren't in chorus at the show Friday night. I talked to two other friends who also had colds.

Saturday I felt much better and was able to enjoy the great Springtime weather we've been having. I hit the gym then walked around and did a bit of shopping. Today was pretty much the same thing.

One word of caution, don't mix vodka and Sudafed PE Sinus and Allergy medicine. I went out last night and was fine after the first drink, but somewhere into the second one, the booze really took effect. I think I held my own okay and even though I was spinning, I didn't have any dramatic face dives into the bar and I made it home safely. :)

Right now I'm formatting a new external hard drive for my computer. I decided it was time to back up some important files, like my 3000+ songs in my iTunes library and all of my pictures.

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