Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where have I been?

File Under: Missing In Action
I haven't blogged in a few days. Perhaps you became worried about me, wondering if I ran off to become a Scientologist. Well no, not yet at least.
I cooked a turkey for Easter. It was my first turkey and it came out very well. See?

At the same time, I've been dealing with a sick cat. Millie went to the vet recently and it was discovered that she needed to have some teeth pulled. The Tuesday after Easter I took her in and three teeth were pulled. She did fine, was a bit disoriented when she came home and she had lost her voice. As of Friday, she had yet to poop and yet to meow. I had a constipated cat. I called the vet and was told to give her some Metamucil. Saturday morning, it worked. She was happy, and was trying to meow again. Then, she sneezed. And wheezed, and sniffled. Millie had a cold. For the next 4 days she slept a lot and made a lot of noises that sounded like a baby with a cold.

This morning she woke up, stretched, meowed and went about her day like nothing was wrong. Millie is finally feeling better. So much better that tonight she lunged at me, just like she's been doing for the past month, leaving ugly scars on the back of my legs. I'm considering introducing her to more cold germs.

Here she is lounging on top of a laundry basket:

Lastly, my friend Andy paid me a visit. Andy lives in Ohio. We've never met in person, until Monday. He and I chat on a message board and we've talked on the phone bunches of times. When he said he was being sent here for a conference, I insisted that I would show him around. Monday evening was stellar. We drove around, I gave him my tour of Chicago, showing him my neighborhood and the places I visit. We even stopped at Target.
On Tuesday we decided to actually get out of the car and have a drink and be social. We ended up at Sidetrack, a popular video bar here in the Lakeview (aka Boystown) neighborhood. Our friend Anthony joined us and the three of us had a lovely visit.
Tonight it was back to my regular routine. It was laundry night. Nothing exciting to say about that.

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