Tuesday, May 6, 2008

16 Candles, plus another 25

File Under: Birthday!

May 2nd was my 41st birthday. Since it fell on a Friday, I took it and the following Monday off from work. It was a really great, long weekend. Much to tell but since I'm not ready with all my pictures and stuff, it'll have to wait another day or two.

Part of the reason is because I bought myself a birthday present...a new laptop computer. I'm still getting used to the smaller keyboard, the new operating system, and finding all of the files I moved to it from my old computer. iTunes is giving me grief and after spending hours deleting duplicate song files from my iTunes directory I found out that a lot of my songs aren't actually on my computer. Grr...

I'll get it figured out.

Don't worry, we'll revisit this birthday post and I'll tell all of the sordid details. Bet'cha can't wait! ;)

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