Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Bitch Slapped by Belinda

File Under: Belinda tells it like it is...

Belinda Carlisle is a judge on MTV's "Rock the Cradle," where the children of musicians compete for a record label and a chance to gain recognition as artists in their own right rather than ride the coat tails of their parent.

Dee Snyder of Twisted Sister has a really HOT son, Jesse. His first week he came out shirtless, hard nipples, great abs and he did a song by The Who. Belinda called it sacrilidge. It was pretty funny. She's been on him all season because he's got this tremendous ego and is capable but also a bit of a ham. He's been making behind the scenes comments about his critics and this week they caught up with him. In this clip is his performance from last week's episode and then he faces Belinda at about 3:17. FUN!

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