Monday, October 19, 2009

A Bit Stir Crazy

I'm sitting here and a little anxious because I'm waiting to call my mom's doctor.

She's been struggling with a mysterious pain in her leg for about 2 weeks. The first couple of days she just quietly fought it, then she finally spoke up about it. I saw her doctor and he sent me home with a walker for her but wanted to be kept up to date on things. She thought she was feeling better but it doesn't seem to have improved very much.

This morning she said "I'm ready to go to the hospital."

But first, she wanted coffee, breakfast, she's packed a bag and made sure that her bills were paid. Now she's getting washed up. I'm waiting to call her doctor and then see about arranging for an ambulance to take her. I can't because she's unable to get down the stairs and we live on the second floor of a walk-up.

Needless to day I'm a bit anxious right now. I'm bouncing from Facebook to Twitter to my message board, QTS, and pacing the hallway. Ugh...I'm not happy right now. I want my mommy to feel better.

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David Dust said...

OMG - I hope she's OK.