Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Madison Madness

Saturday, I took a little road trip with my friends Anthony and Vahona. We traveled up to Madison Wisconsin to visit our friend Jane Wiedlin as she performed with her band Lady Robotica. They were taking part in a benefit for the Dane County Humane Society. It was billed as "Dogtoberfest," and guests were invited to bring their dogs to hang out and participate in contests and games.

For the ride, we had drinks and snacks and good music. We get together and laugh our butts off, it was much needed time together which doesn't happen all that often. We all met at my house and hit the road, accompanied by Vahona's GPS, which spoke to us in multiple languages. During our drive, we found rain, and then snow but once we got past it, the day was cold but beautiful.

We enjoyed seeing the dogs, many of whom were dressed in coats and costumes. But we were all happier to see Jane. She arrived and came right over. We chatted for a little while before she had to set up for her show.

Afterwards we visited a while longer. She signed autographs and took pictures with people, then when it came to us, we took all sorts of pictures together. She was really happy to see us and thanked us for making the trip. It was definitely worth the drive.

Dog in a fancy red coat.
Little bulldog.
Jim and Jane - Yes, the picture is crooked, thanks to the yellow-toothed woman who told us she was a "professional photographer." Oh I get it, crooked = artsy.

Jane and Vahona. Jane decided she would make funny faces in her pictures with Vahona. When Jane wants to make funny faces, you let her.

Three geeky fans and the object of their affection. Yes, the "artsy" photographer took this photo, too.
(photo courtesy of Anthony. He actually let the "professional" hold his camera. )

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