Monday, October 12, 2009

Dancing With the Stars - Season 9, Week 4

Tonight, we are introduced to FOUR new dances, the Texas Two-Step, the Bolero, the Charleston, and The Lambada, also known as “The Forbidden Dance!”

I don’t know why, but I still get excited when I hear the intro music and the dance partners make their way down the steps. Seeing them in their costumes for the first time is really fun.

Chuck and Anna – The Two-Step – Oh boy, looks like he’s going to throw her around, based on the rehearsals. He doesn’t have much flourish..he’s just sort of walking her around whoiel she does the fancy stuff. He did a few steps, but he just showed off how he can lift her and swing her around. Len liked the lift and was entertained BUT said that the quality of his dancing isn’t there. Bruno said it looks somewhat like a two-step. Carrie Ann said the same thing. 17/30

Melissa Joan and Mark – Charleston – Cheezy opening looks like a 20’s film. Cute basic moves, and then a lift. Nice. She seems a bit flat-footed in spots. Maybe it’s the lack of heels. But, it was really cute and sweet. Bruno LOVED it. Carrie Ann LOVED it, said it’s a breakthrough! Len saw Energy, Excitement and Entertainment. 28/30 (Bruno gave them a 10!) YAY!

Natalie and Alec – Bolero – She’s pretty to watch because her limbs are so long, they make for really fluid movements. It looked nice. Carrie Ann said she sensed a struggle. Len thought it was beautiful and lyrical but wanted to see more romance. Bruno thought it was sometime beautiful and dangerous but lost something when the arms started swinging. HUH? 24/30

Aaron and Karina – Lambada – Wow, those are some fancy dance boots he’s wearing for rehearsal. The funny thing is, they rehearse in Los Angeles. Why is he wearing suede and fluffy boots? Okay, they’re gone for his dance. I think he’s got chest glitter. WOW opening. Lots of hips from them both but I’m not seeing anything “forbidden.” Len didn’t see rhythm or raunchiness and for this dance he wants to see the raunch. Bruno didn’t see the character of the dance. Carrie Ann told him to chill out, because he’s trying too hard. 18/30 Karina’s top is about to fall off! But it didn’t…barely!

Mark and Lacey – Two Step – Okay I’m feeling it. It’s cute. He’s moving as much as she is. Butt wiggles, some stunts, clever footwork. I liked it! Bruno saw confidence and said it was fun but said he lost footing in a portion. Carrie Ann said it was an exciting routine. Len loved the choreography and saw that he’s a good partner for Lacey. 22/30

Kelly and Louie – Charleston – Ho how cute! She’s doing very well with this. Timing is a bit of an issue but but overall she’s got it and did beautifully! FUN number! Oh there’s mum Sharon, she looks so cute! Carrie Ann said that she lived up to her look. Len was impressed and called it a “proper dance,” though he wanted a bit more swivel in her steps. Bruno said it was “a very good performance and she should be happy.” 23/30

Joanna and Derek – The Lambada – They spent time with Dogs to help with their routine. Hmm…OK. Derek is now shirtless. This is feeling a bit more forbidden. Okay, a lot more forbidden. Lots of body parts shaking and grinding and it’s got clever footwork and stunts. The move they stopped on looked like total penetration. Hope they were safe. Len called this as tomorrow’s encore. Bruno called it “bursting with sexual energy. “ Carrie Ann said she hoped the children were in bed because the dance is “fueled by the crotch area.” 26/30

Donny and Kym – Charleston - Theatrical, and fun, good footwork, they seem well-timed. Lots of dance steps. Bruno liked the theatrics, said that the kicks need to be sharper. Carrie Ann noticed a stumble, but called it good. Len was pleased. 24/30

Michael and Anna – Bolero – Kind of feels like he’s walking thru it, not a lot of footwork from him. More poses than anything. Eh. Carrie Ann saw romance but said it lacked dancing. Len said this was his most difficult dance and he earned higher scores than he’s ever given. Bruno said it lacked steps. 16/30

Louie and Chelsie – Two Step. Chelsie brought in Ty from last season to up the Country feel. He looks good in jeans! Too bad he’s just sort of shuffling thru the dance. Oh except now it looks like he’s just walking . He’s got the arm movements down and managed to pick her up and swing her. Len called it a “series of walks.” Bruno called it “dazed and confused.” Carrie Ann said that Chelsie seemed to be doing her best to distract while Louie just shuffled. 16/30

Mya and Dimitri – Lambada – Hips from the start, good spins, and leg work. SEXY! More thrusting. Not too dirty but very sensual. Well played! Bruno called it “an erotic and exotic roller coaster” Carrie Ann said “Mya’s on Fire!” and said it was sophisticated. Len was expecting more. Jeez, no pleasing him as far as she’s concerned! 28/30

Leading the pack is Mya and Dimitri, and tied at the bottom are Louie and Chelsie and Michael and Anna. My guess is that tonight was Michael’s final dance. While I didn’t think Louie was any better, He and Chelsie are more fun to watch. Chuck may also have danced his final dance but I think people are entertained by him.

We also learned that next week is the group dance, and it’s a Hustle. Yay?

Stay tuned…


Al In The County said...

I'm beginning to think that Len just doesn't like Dimitri, and Mya is unfortunate enough to be his partner. I could be wrong, but he hasn't given her a break all season.

Great wrap up!

Anonymous said...

I am huge fan of Dancing With The Stars tv show. I have also watched all episodes of it's season 9. Mya is my favorite. Mya and Dimitri – Lambada – good spins, and good leg work. That was too interesting. Really Well played!!! They perform their event with their own great professional as i have expected. I have collection of Dancing With The Stars Seasons. click at link to get it's complete episodes.....