Monday, October 5, 2009

Dancing With The Stars - Season 9, Week 3

Welcome to Latin night. Tonight, the contestants will dance either the Samba or the Rumba.

It’s been announced that Tom Delay’s pre-stress fracture is now a stress fracture and it’s unsure whether he’ll dance tonight. He made his way down the steps with Cheryl, they’re of course going to tease us as to whether he’ll dance this week. Now on with the dancing!

Mark Decasos and Lacey S. – Rumba – They have good chemistry together. He’s got some sexy moves, very full with the arms, very fluid. Sort of looks like a Latin ballet. Len felt it lacked chemistry but then said it was nice. Bruno agrees with Len that it lacked fluidity. Carrie Ann said that it was kind of uncomfortable to watch. I liked it but I’m not a pro. 18/30

Joanna Krupa and Derek H. – Samba – Ooh, they’re going to attempt the shadow roll. Let’s see how they do… Okay, Derek came in swinging on a rope. Looks good, nice legwork. She look a bit stiff at times. Finished with the shadow roll, seemed kind of blah. Bruno said it was good but she seemed unsteady in spots. Carrie Ann liked it. Len called it quality. 23/30

Mya and Dmitry C. – Rumba – Looks sexy, they look connected. She can really move. They’re fun to watch. Oh look Paula Abdul is in the audience. Carrie Ann was moved to tears. There may have been a lift but she said she was so caught up she didn’t see it. Len said it was complicated. Bruno said it embodied the dance and was fabulous. 10’s from Carrie Ann and Bruno, 7 from Len. 27/30

Melissa Joan Hart and Mark B. – Samba – Lots of fringe to show lots of movement, but she looks stiff. She’s great at times but not all there. Len said parts were excellent but didn’t see rhythm in hips and upper body. Bruno sees improvement and was pleased. Carrie Ann still senses fear in her. 19/30

Louie Vito and Chelsie H. – Rumba – Sexy and connected, but not a lot of footwork on his part. More just moving and letting her pose. Bruno said it was a bit jerky in movement. Carrie Ann said the connection was great, and his frame was good. Len said it was wild and lacked finesse, he was disappointed. 20/30

Debo Mazar and Maks C. – Samba – Mel B was brought in to inspire Debi. NICE! A little slow at parts but she had some moves. Carrie Ann called it safe. Len said things were done well but it wasn’t hot. Bruno pointed out a couple flaws… 17/30

Donny Osmond and Kym J. – Rumba – expressive arms, swivel hips and they both look connected. It was romantic. Len said he did a great job. Bruno said it looked a little “hairy fairy?” and then Donny jumped him on the judged platform. It was awkward. Ooh, Carrie Ann just said so too! She called him off in the musicality. 21/30 Samantha said that Donny should have given Bruno tongue.

Awkward Paula moment. She suggested that she and Carrie Ann make out.

Michael Irving and Anna D. – Samba – I sense difficulty, rehearsal is not going well. Lacks chemistry!! He doesn’t seem like he’s really trying. But, he’s got a great smile. Bruno said he’s going in reverse and didn’t have rhythm and lacked steps. Carrie Ann thinks the problem is that he’s dancing small. Len said it was disappointing. 14/30

Natalie Coughlin and Alec M. – Rumba – Edyta was brought in to show how to do the dance with Alec, who is her husband. She’s got gorgeous long legs and great moves but I don’t see the connection between them. Carrie Ann is thrilled, called it gorgeous. Len said it was excellent. Bruno loved it. 26/30

Well…that’s disappointing. MY DVR stopped recording the show. Maybe I stopped it as I was replaying it. That’s all I’ve got.

Okay…favorite was Mya. I hope Delay goes home. I think Debi needs another chance. I think she’ll get another chance because Michael Irvin will go home, if Delay doesn’t.

Stay tuned…


Joy said...

I agreed with you on these but not the judges about Joanna and Michael. I hope DeLay goes home, too, but am afraid it might be Debi. Hope not because I'd like to see her stay on a while longer and not just because I like to see Maks!

Al In The County said...

I don't know what Len wants out of Mya. I'm beginning to wonder is he has something personal against the pro.

Sorry you missed Kelly. I'm really starting to root for her, and she's got the potential to make a dramatic leap.

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