Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Friends, Family and Facebook

File Under: Facebook Fun

Pictured above are my friends Donna and Lynn. The three of us enjoyed dinner together last Friday night.

Flash back to September 1972. Kindergarten. I was seated at a table with three other people. To one side of me was a boy, Tony. To the other side...I couldn't tell you who was there. Across from me was Lynn. At some point during our first day of school, Tony spit in my hair and Lynn punched him. Lynn and I have been friends ever since.

Here's our Kindergarten class:

Can you find us:

We went through first and second grade together. We were in different third grade classes. At some point, Lynn left school because her family moved away.

When I was 11, I got new upstairs neighbors. I watched the stuff being carried up then I saw an adult that I recognized. It was Lynn's mom. Sure enough, Lynn and her fmaily were our new upstairs neighbors. Maryann told me that Lynn would be home tomorrow, and she would send her downstairs.

We had fun as neighbors. I got to know Lynn's sister, Donna. She's a year older than us. They have an older brother, he basically teased us when he was home but was out being social as he's a couple years older than us.

We never lost touch, even after they moved out and we went to different high schools. We didn't see each other all that often but we managed to stay current.

Lynn and my sister Georgette both had their first children at the same time. Somewhere I have a picture of the two kids, both about 4 months old, laying on the floor together, looking at one another.

Lynn and I have kept in touch via email these past few years. I've been to birthday parties at her home. She's married to a really great man and they've got 4 kids.

The most exciting thing was finding each other on Facebook. Finding her also put me into contact with Donna and we've all chatted constantly about getting together. Last Friday, we did just that and had such a fun time. It was the first of what will be many more and more regular gatherings. Some day soon, I'll invite them over so that my mom can visit with them, she'll be happy to see them and hear about all their kids.

Yet another happy connection, thanks to Facebook.


Beth said...

well, this is one good thing that came from Facebook! Facebook is EVIL! ;)

and are you in the front row...2nd from the right?????

Jimbo said...

Nope, top row, red shirt. :) Lynn is in the bottom row, on the right, plaid dress.

Berry Blog said...

Wow...friends all the way back when...that's really something.

Joy said...

I've been delighted to connect with former students and friends on Facebook. I like it and can keep up with my granddaughters and other family members on there, too. Some of us are playing Scrabble on there and having fun.

I love this story about you and Lynn! There's something about people you've known that long!