Monday, February 2, 2009

It's a Family Affair

File Under: Twinsies

Meet my twin sister, Heatherton!

People don't believe it when we tell them but we're the illegitimate twin siblings born to Elvis Presley and Martha Stewart. She's rock and roll with a creative edge, I'm crafty and good in the kitchen and I play the tambourine. For the first few years of our lives, we were shuttled between Martha's (MOM'S) Turkey Hill Home (our bedroom was in the basement, we were a secret. ) and Graceland (aka DAD'S house). We had much more fun at DAD'S place because Lisa Marie loved us and we got to hang with great celebrities. Uncle Frank (Sinatra) would come over and he taught me to mix the perfect martini. Auntie Liza would stop by and would have us alphabetize her pills. Good times. Eventually she ended up in Los Angeles and I ended up in Chicago. We reunited about 5 years ago.
Heatherton fronts a band called Pink Slip. The band was part of a new music showcase and they visited Chicago and I got to see them live. One of the highlights was when they performed a song that she and I cowrote. Bet you didn't know I was a songwriter, did you?
During their visit, some of the band members hung out with us on a Friday night. Here's a few vintage photographs. See if you recognize a couple of the faces.

Heatherton, Vahona, Jim

Vahona, Dan, Eddie, Heatherton
Pink Slip, rocking out at Wise Fools Pub in Chicago
Heatherton contacted me last week and is now a follower of my blog. She is preparing the relaunch of her website, on which her beautiful photography is featured. When she's ready, I'll share the link with you so you can visit her site.


Berry Blog said...

It IS kind of a fantesticle story but I'm willing to buy are quite fascinating.

Beth said...

I totally buy it and believe it.....and you and Dan are so cute!!!

David Dust said...

You really should have snuck your Mother into Graceland to decorate your Father's tacky house. Martha would have NEVER gone for leopard-prints!!


Jimbo said...

They didn't have a lot of contact after their one-night stand. Apparently she was in the front row at his show, he picked her out to come back stage, they did the nasty and 9 months later we were born. She hid the pregnancy from everbody by creating a catering business. She figured all the big trays would hide her belly. She gave birth to us in the cellar. Mind you, the cellar was clean and well decorated.

Dan said...

lord do you see my hair?!
That was a good night, what ever happened to Eddie? :)

Jimbo said...

I know! I was looking for a picture that best displayed your hair. :)

Eddie and H still keep in touch, I believe but the band is not together any longer. Heatherton and Brian are still collaborating and making music.

Joy said...

You have a rich fantasy life. I like that in a man. :-)

Jimbo said...

LOL...yes, I do. Actually, Heatherton and I spent one day driving around LA thinking up this stuff. We just laughed our butts off at the absurdity of it all. The fun thing was going places and telling people that we're twins. Identical, at that. LOL

Marker said...

Who is to Vahona's left in the second photo?

OMG Wise Fool's Pub.

Jimbo said...

That was the coat check guy. I don't recall his name.