Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rehearsal - Dancing With the Stars

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Well, Belinda has begun rehearsals for Dancing with The Stars. Her partner is Jonathan Roberts. In Season 6, he danced with Marie Osmond and went to 3rd place. Okay, that was probably 73 billion Momons jamming the phone lines, and those were just her relatives. Previously he danced with Heather Mills, Paul McCartney's one-legged ex-wife.

Belinda Carlisle isn't an Osmond and she has both her legs. She's been performing on stage since 1979 but she's not known for choreography. Her signature dance is "The Belinda," which involves a shimmy and hip shake, a dip of the knees and arms up.

Belinda has been updating her Facebook daily, keeping fans and friends informed of her activities. She has been learning to Waltz and loves it. She thinks her partner Jonathan is perfect for her and she's having so much fun. She alternates between her UGG boots and her formal dancing shoes as she's getting used to wearing formal dance shoes. Mind you, on stage she often comes out wearing pretty shoes and promptly kicks them off and performs barefoot. Today's comment : day 9 - things are coming along really well. we throw in some samba to break things up and i have to say, i LOVE it. it feels gogo-ish.

Pictures have been released to media outlets of all of the stars in rehearsal. Because I know you're all so excited to see them, here's some photos of Belinda in rehearsal with her handsome partner.

And lastly, here's they are in one of their official promo shots. They make a really attractive couple!

Promo photos of the remaining couples can be seen here:
Dancing With The Stars kicks off Monday March 9 on ABC


Joy said...

I just noticed that she's on Facebook and will add myself to her list, so I can read what she says during the show. I thought of you when I noticed and was almost positive you knew about it! I should have known you were all over that and had been reading it.

Jonathan is so good and brings out the best in his partners. I can't wait to see them together!

Mikey said...

I'm a lifelong fan of Belinda Carlisle (and The Go-Go's) and although I live in Australia where we don't get to see "Dancing With The Stars", I am interested in this season because of Belinda.

I hope Belinda wins as I just know she's as graceful as she is brilliant as a singer. I don't know Jonathan, but he looks like a good partner for Belinda and they look like they're having fun in the photos.

I love the dress Belinda is wearing in that last photo, then again, she's just as beautiful in her rehearsal clothes.

I don't actually have Facebook, but I have Belinda as a friend on MySpace.

Cheers, Michael

Jimbo said...

Hi Mikey and Welcome. Thanks for checking out my blog. Joy (the lovely woman whose comment resides above yours) is my DWTS buddy and we both like to blog about the show. I sure hope that Belinda does well, it will be fun to see her in a different arena than we're accustomed to seeing her in. (grammatically incorrect sentence which I'm unsure how to fix).

Mikey, check YouTube, I believe there are a number of DWTS clips from previous seasons. Jonathan danced with Marie Osmond and Heather Mills.

Joy, I noticed that you became one of Belinda's friends. Perhaps she'll invite us to LA to see her on the show. :)