Sunday, February 8, 2009

Psychic - New Season of Dancing With the Stars

File Under: Maybe I should call Dionne Warwick

Back in December, I was bored and decided to try to stir up some fun on the Go-Go's message board. I posted the following:


Did anybody else hear or read about the casting for the next "Dancing With The Stars?" I don't recall where I heard or read this (these past couple of weeks have been a blur), but allegedly producers are talking to Belinda Carlisle about being on the show. The interesting twist is that one of the other contestants they're trying to get is Susanna Hoffs. So it will be a Go-Go versus a Bangle. Rumor, or fact? I love DWTS so that would be some added excitement to the next season.

So, today, this article appeared on the internet, revealing the upcoming cast for the latest round of Dancing With The Stars:


An article on the internet alone would not be enough to convince me 100 percent but hints dropped on Facebook brought me to the conclusion last night. Belinda, who is one of my FB friends, mentioned a big surprise that would be revealed to everybody on Monday. Connecting it with the official announcements taking place tonight, I wrote her a note and said "I have a hunch. I'm guessing you may be trying on some new "Dancing" shoes." Her reply, "My lips are sealed. :) "

I'm absolutely giddy! I can't wait!

Have you seen her Nutrisystem commercial? She looks fantastic!


David Dust said...

OMG - you made it happen!! :)

Could you please get on the Go-Go's Message Board and tell everyone you've heard that David Dust will win the Lottery?!? Please???? :)

I cannot believe that two of your favorite things (B. Carlisle and DWTS) are being combined. That would be like a gorgeous shirtless Papi knocking on my door with a bag of delicious Arby's roast beef!


Jimbo said...

I KNOW! I'm giddy just thinking about it!!!

I'll see what I can do for you regarding the lottery.

Even better, how about I post on the board that I heard that David Dust will be greeted at his front door by a gorgeous, nearly naked Papi carrying a bab of delicious Arby's roast beef and with a winning Lottery ticket (and not just a scratch-off $2 winner) sticking out of his jock strap? I mean, if I'm going to predict good things, let's make it really good!

Joy said...

Wow, Jim! You rock!! This is going to be so much fun discussing with you! I was thrilled to have you to compare notes with last time.

Let's see what you can predict for me. Just the lottery will do unless you think of more. :-)

Beth said...

When I heard she was going to be ont he show....YOU were the first person I thought of! I bet you can't wait.

and predict something good for me Brad leaves Angie cuz he caught a glimpse of me and fell totally inlove with me....and we run away together...minus all them babies! ;)