Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Feel A Sin Coming On

File Under: FOOD

It's very quiet here at work today. At lunch, I looked at my coworker Andrea and said "I think it's a cupcake day!" She smiled (she's never been one to disagree when it comes to cupcakes) and said "I agree."

I'm headed to the bakery now. The last time it was a cupcake day, it was before the election and I also bought a Democrat donkey cookie for Dan.

I'll take my phone and photograph the cupcake selection at the bakery.


Berry Blog said...

I know how it is...sometimes ya just gotta have a cupcake day. Just gotta!

Beth said...

cupcakes make the world go round, in my humble opinion

Joy said...

Where's the cupcake photo! Yep, sometimes you just have to have a cupcake!