Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stimulating the Economy

File Under: Can you feel it?

My mom's television has been dying a slow death. What pisses me off about that is the fact that the TV is maybe 5 years old. It wasn't top of the line but I expected it to last a bit longer. Anyway, it didn't and given that Z is retired and spends a lot of time at home watching TV, I can't have her without one, mainly because I don't need her hanging out in my room watching my TV when I'm not home. So instead of putting a lock on my bedroom door, I bought her a new TV tonight. I even set it up and it's working. She's now modern, she's got a 26" flat panel LCD HD television. What's funny is that it looks about the same size as the previous television and it was only 19". Needless to say she's thrilled and can't believe the picture quality.

Now I just have to haul the old one out of here.

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