Tuesday, June 2, 2009


File Under: Thoughts and Musings

Tuesday, 10:30 pm. It's June 2 and today's high temperature was 60 degrees, but that was away from the lake. Where I live, it was in the mid-50's. It was cloudy and we had some rain, too. Tomorrow is going to be only a few degrees warmer. I want JUNE weather, not MARCH weather. But, that's just me being selfish.

Somewhere out in the Atlantic Ocean is a mess of remains from a flight that virtually vanished early Monday morning. One minute, 200+ people are traveling from Brazil to France, probably excited to be traveling, the next minute, their lives have ended. Search crews have begun to find wreckage, no human remains have been located as of yet. It's way too early to tell what could have happened to the flight. Did it encounter storms? Was there mechanical failure? Was it a criminal act? Who knows if we'll ever know.

We've got one life to live on the big marble that is known as Earth. It is what we make of it. Be happy, find things that make you happy, and if you're not happy, fix that! There will be good days, there will be great days, and yes, there will be bad days. But, as long as you're here, do what it takes to make it a good day. And if the weather's bad, suck it up, it will get better.


Joy said...

You can have our weather. It's been in the 80's and is 75 now at midnight:30.

Good observation about life and how we live it.

Beth said...

awww jimbo...this is beauitful/ What a way to live life.