Sunday, May 31, 2009


File Under: Fun

Sometimes everything just falls into place. This entire weekend did just that.

Friday night was a typical Jackhammer gathering. I met up with Steve, whose Chicago visit was winding down, but another night out was on his agenda. Steve lives part time in Miami and part time in Chicago so two weeks out of every month are spent here. Also joining us was Patrick, who has been MIA for a couple months. He had auditioned to be on "Big Brother" and was a finalist, so he was laying low, not only because he had a lot to do to prepare the application package, but because he'd have spilled the beans if he had been out drinking. Finally along for the ride was a new friend, Jim, who is Steve's neighbor. Our friend and bartender, Mark, took great care of us and we had hours of laughs. Working along side Mark was John, a bartender I've known for years and someone I consider a good friend. I haven't seen John in about a month and was surprised when he pulled a small package from his bag and wished me a Happy Birthday. He gave me a really nice leather rope necklace with some great beads on it.

Saturday was task day. I started off at the gym. I haven't been going as regularly as I like and I've been feeling kind of blob-ish as a result. I feel like I'm back to a routine and it feels great. Okay so I followed up my trip to the gym with a trip to Potbelly Sandwich Works, but at least I went to the gym. I then had the car washed, it needed it. Lastly, I stopped at Kiehl's. I love their skin products and use their facial cleanser and moisturizer. I received an offer to trade in my can of shaving cream for a tube of their shave product.

I fixed a great dinner. I cooked some grape tomatoes in olive oil with a bit of garlic and some fresh basil. I tossed in some whole wheat rotini pasta, then put a bit of parmesan cheese on top. Delicious! Later, I went out and met up with some friends, back at Jackhammer. My bartender for the night was John, and we spent a good part of the night reminiscing about our teen years, mine in Chicago, his in the burbs. It was a festive night with more laughs and good times.

Sunday, was a mix of tasks both in and out of the house. I began the purge of magazines that have been lingering in the magazine racks and also cleaning and reorganizing my storage room. Eventually I got outside and went to the gym and had another good workout. But it was so nice out, I decided to go and explore the neighborhood while getting some sun. I wandered down Clark Street, got some coffee at Starbucks. While walking, I was on the same path as a guy, both kept the same pace. It was odd but interesting. Eventually I struck up a conversation, and before I knew it, we were walking and talking...for an hour! At the end of the walk, we exchanged phone numbers.

Once home, it was back to tasks. I dug out the space bags and stored my winter blankets as well as some final winter clothing that I just picked up from the cleaners.

Over all, I'm calling it a very successful and enjoyable weekend.


Dan said...

:( I miss all the fun.

Jimbo said...

You may have missed this round of fun but you really missed the fun I had while out about 3 weeks ago! :)