Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Question

File Under: Questions People Ask

I went out last night. I rarely sit home on a Saturday night. Especially now, when the weather has been so bad and the weeknights are spent home because I don't want to lose my parking spot, the weekends are my opportunity to combat cabin fever. I went to my local hangout, Jackhammer. It's a comfortable little bar, it's close enough to home that I can walk there, the crowds are interesting and I know some of the bartenders so they take care of me. Last night some new faces were in the bar and on two occasions, I found myself in a conversation with nice guys. In both cases, I was asked "Do you have a boyfriend?" I said no. Then THE QUESTION "Why?"

After a momentary blank stare, my answer was the same as it always is, "I have no idea."

It's not like I'm not trying. I go out, I'm social. I put myself in situations where I should meet people. Some may say that I'm going to the wrong places. If that were true, then the places I'm going to would be empty because some people are meeting others in those places. I signed up for Dr. Phil's guarantee was that in 6 months I would meet someone. That'll teach me to trust Dr. Phil.

I suppose eventually I'll meet someone. I'll admit that I have high standards. I'm not going to lower them. I see no reason to settle just for the sake of having a boyfriend. But until I meet someone, I would prefer not to be asked why I don't have one.

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Dan said...

Someone as special as you deserves nothing but the best. Apparently the best hasnt presented itself to you. It will, when it does. watch out!