Monday, September 1, 2008

The Adventure - Day 3

File Under: Auntie Fay Came a-Callin'

Tuesday morning we awoke to a sky different from what we had seen 24 hours prior. Once hurricane Fay (now categorized as a Tropical Depression) had reached the Orlando area and was going to present us with some challenges throughout the day. We knew we wanted to visit EPCOT center and decided we would go through with our plans, storm be damned!

Similar to Monday morning, our day began with breakfast at the Villa. Luis was busy in the kitchen, preparing eggs, bacon and toast. We sipped coffee and juice and waited patiently for our delicous meal.

Dan took the opportunity to climb on the furniture and take pictures.

One difference from the previous day's breakfast, Tuesday's breakfast included chocolate cake, left over from Dan's birthday dinner. When you've got half of a delicious cake in your refrigerator, it's an absolute crime to let it go to waste.

The sky went from the darkest grey to a varying mix of thick and thin clouds. Some peeks of blue were seen early in the day. My first order of business, while the rest of the group went on a ride, was to purchase rain panchos for each of us.

Gloomy grey sky.

The chosen activity of the day was to drink our way around the world. We started in Mexico, with margaritas. There was German wine, French champagne and liquor, Saki from Japan, German beer and Ale from England. Some just had a couple drinks, others had a drink from every country. Towards the end of the afternoon, things were getting pretty silly.
Assorted pictures from the day:

Creepy doll heads at one of the Around the World Pavillions.

An Asian temple.

Mexico. This was one of those moments where we got to take off our panchos for a few minutes.

Inside the Mexican market.

The Netherlands. Luis kissed a troll!

Japan. Once again wearing panchos. Functional, yes. Stylish, no.

In the rain and gloom, there was beauty to be found in the lilly pond.

Ominous sky, again.

Taking a break in Morocco.

France. The French Bakery was a popular stop. We enjoyed pastries, delicious bread and assorted cheeses. Tres chic!

Gnome, making an appearance.

The worst of the weather came as we were calling an end to our day and leaving the park. The skies opened and we were walking in a downpour. The panchos were only doing so much to keep us dry. Our shoes were wet and squishy. However, the parking lot was empty and we found our van right away.
We ended our evening having dinner back at Downtown Disney. We went for sandwiches and went back to the big gift shop where Dan and I bought rain jackets. We returned to our villa exhausted from the day and looking forward to a day at The Magic Kingdom, all of us hoping that the weather would be more cooperative.

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