Monday, September 1, 2008

Caribou Barbie

Introducing Caribou Barbie, the Republican nominee for Vice President.

Seriously? Do they think people are stupid?
What are your thoughts on this pick?
Credit goes to my friend Andy Dixon for coining the phrase "Caribou Barbie." Cheers, Andy!


Joy said...

I posted my thoughts on my blog and will add that it shows another impulsive, rash decision on McSame's part. He wanted Lieberman but was told the RNC would take it to the floor of the convention. Now look what's going on!

Jimbo said...

My first thoughts were "oh look. Karen Walker for VP." It's kind of sad, McSame thinks he's going to win votes of women who would have otherwise voted for Hillary. It's insulting, if you think about it. Dan and I were discussing it last night.

Mike said...

Picking Palin as candidate for Vice President reveals the crass cynicism underlying the Republican't effort to retain its hold on the Executive Office. Palin may be a good person, we shouldn't deny her that (especially since we know so little about her!), but at the same time she clearly lacks qualifications for the position. After her performance at the RNC it is clear that she is supposed to be the "attack dog" (with lipstick!) that McAin't lacks the testicular fortitude to be. It is sad to see the "Grand Old Party" reduced to Karl Rove's plaything. I just hope they don't steal this election with voter scams again.

Marker said...

Everyone raises a good point and gets me thinking.

Yet, is she a good person? Maybe she's one of those good people that really wouldn't mind us gays being rounded up and put on boxcars.

Jimbo: I say she's Karen Walker + Marge Gunderson.