Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Dancing With the Stars - Week 2

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Week 2 of Dancing With the Stars was this week, 11 teams danced on Monday, Tuesday, one couple was eliminated. Here's the recap.

Toni and Alec – A very lovely dance. Toni seems to be becoming more comfortable with pushing herself, given her heart condition. Good for her.

Brooke and Derek – Sexy and sassy. Wow can that gal move!

Misty and Maks – I liked it, a powerful paso doble. Maks really pushed Misty as he was teaching her the routine, and it was a tough dance. Nice backflip!

Susan and Tony – Elegant. Chests were a big part of this performance as hers was pushed up to her chin and his was exposed early in the number when she ripped his shirt open. Susan does well with her legs but still looks a little awkward with some of her poses.

Cody and Julianne – Sweet , good. Someone said that his dances have been age appropriate and I agree. Julianne is doing a nice job with her young dance protégé.

Lance and Lacey – Modern and fun, judges weren’t thrilled with it. Len was not pleased. If he can stay in it, they’re going to get really good.

Maurice and Cheryl – it was okay, nothing to write home about.

Kim and Mark – Not thrilling. My least favorite performance of the night.

Rocco and Karina – I liked it. He’s hot and sweet and looked good. Judges weren’t thrilled. He’s got good moves, just needs more time to polish.

Cloiris and Corky – she tried to be serious, the judges weren’t having it. I thought she had some nice moves. C'mon, she's 82!!

Warren and Kim – WOW! He’s big but boy can he move! Excellent paso doble. He just exudes charm, he’s definitely having fun.

Jessica Simpson performed a couple songs during the recap show. Yawn.

It was down to Cloris and Corky and Kim and Mark. Father and Son were in the final two.

The couple that went home was

Kim and Mark. Sadly, Mark won last Season with his partner Kristi Yamaguchi. It's a shame to see him leave so soon.

I'm thrilled that Rocco is safe. I'm happy that Cloris is safe.

Next week should be interesting. Rocco better bring it, as well as Maurice. It could be their last week to dance.

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Joy said...

I am also relieved that Rocco stays another week. I hope he stays a while because I really like him, and he is so nice.

What's with Lance and Lacey? She looks at him like she could devour him, and he plays along.

Warren is so agile and light on his feet. I like him, too.

Good recap and fun DWTS buddy!