Friday, September 5, 2008

I'm a Terrific Guy

File Under: Broken Record

I don't have luck with dating. I put myself out there only to set myself up for disappointment. Then I give up on the whole process for a while. Then I meet someone and get my hopes up, only to have it happen again.

Most recently, I met someone with whom it seemed a nice rapport had been established. We had great conversations, and we seemed to enjoy each other's company.

We spoke today, and I got the "you're a terrific guy" line. Once again, I took the high road and was gracious and polite and I wished him well.

As often as things like this happen to me, it should get easier. It doesn't. It shouldn't be such a disappointment. It is.

Life goes on. I guess I'll drink tonight.


David Dust said...

Lots and lots of booze should help.

BTW - I'm sure that guy is a complete loser and you just avoided months and months of drama and agony.


David Dust said...

Mr. Asshat was right about one thing: You ARE a terrific guy!

Joy said...

This is just wrong! There is someone worthy of you hiding out somewhere. I must find him for you! It's a mission. C'mon, folks, let's help him out here.

PJ@D said...

j'dore you, and you know the right guy will be there, and IS there. We just haven't run into him yet. Kissing frogs is what we do...right?

Beth said...

awww Hon...I SO agree with Tranny...what a loser that guy is/was. He didn't deserve you anyway.

while I know reading this stuff doesn't really help, it's all true. You are a terrific person and the right guy is out there somewhere...maybe he just has some things to do first, to get himself together before he meets you.

and booze should help a little bit. ;)

Jimbo said...

Thanks, guys. It's just the nature of the game. I'm fine, just still feeling a bit disappointed. As bitter as I pretend to be, I'm an optimist. As a result, when things don't work out, the disappointment stings a bit more. I appreciate the love and support.


p.s. The booze did help.

David Dust said...

Don't let those Alcoholics Anonymous people tell you otherwise - the booze ALWAYS helps!