Saturday, September 13, 2008


File Under: warm and wet

It's raining today. It started yesterday afternoon and has been constant since then. We've had some serious downpours. We haven't had any storms, just lots of rain. Granted, we're A LOT better off than those affected by Hurricane Ike. My thoughts go out to those who are dealing with it.

I woke up this morning with one of the worst sinus headaches I've had in a long time. As such I haven't felt like doing much today. I got up, I'm dressed and I'm just vegging. I'm making some macaroni and cheese (Trader Joe's organic white cheddar) and watching the news. I'm playing on the internet, chatting with my message board pals (shout-out to QTS!), and I'm looking at dirty pictures. I have even updated my facebook profile. My cat, Millicent is being a bit wild, I don't think she's used to having me around so much during the day and is vying for my attention. She's in constant competition with my computer.

I had an old iPod. I gave it to my sister a few months ago. She never set it up, instead she bought MP3 players for herself and her son, so I got my iPod back from her. I've reformatted it and gave it to my mom. I loaded all of her classical CDs on it. She's enjoying it, she sings along to the music with he headphones on.

My mom lives with me, not sure if I've ever mentioned that. She's elderly but feisty. Living with my mom limits my social life to some extent, but I get to keep an eye on her to make sure she's taking her meds, eating right and not having wild parties.


Joy said...

That's sweet of you to take care of your mom. I know it's restricting but sometimes that's what we have to do.

Btw, come sign up on my Follow Me gadget if you want to. It's down there below my Blog List.

My cat vies for my attention like that, too.


Joy said...

Thank you, Jimbo, for signing that and for the comment and link!

Love you! Love your cat!