Sunday, September 14, 2008

Faces of Millicent

File Under: Feline friend

I'm typing this with my laptop balanced on one leg, and my cat, Millicent ("Millie") balanced on the other. Joy's blog and comments she made to one of my posts prompted me to share some pictures of my little, sometimes bitchy, furry friend.
I got Millie in August 2002. She was a shelter cat. After sitting with about a half dozen others, I asked to hold her and she just sat on my lap, perfectly calm, almost like she didn't really care either way. She was friendly though and when they told me that she was an adult who had delivered a litter of kittens and was then given up by her previous owners, I knew she was the one. I brought her home and she investigated, then hid behind the sofa for a few hours. My mom said "well, I guess she's kind of cute but I was hoping for a prettier cat." LOL I think she's very pretty and she's got so much more personality than any cat I've ever had. This picture was taken a day after she came home. As you can see, she's making herself at home. :)

Such a face!

Grouchy face. She doesn't like the camera flash.

When I was having my living room painted, she decided she liked being on one of the chairs that I had stacked up on the dining table.

Enjoying the sunshine.


Joy said...

I think she's beautiful, and isn't it something how they just know who their person is? I'm glad you posted these delightful pictures of her.

David Dust said...

Millie is SO adorable!!