Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Favorite New Show

I've been loving Modern Family and Cougar Town, but the show that's really got me laughing these days is:


The writing on this show is so great. It's clever, edgy and so funny. the acting is excellent, the characters are brilliantly cast.

I was skeptical at first, I figured this would be some silly show that got lucky with their casting and that they would cart Betty White through each episode for a line or two and some laughs. That's not the case. Even Betty has an interesting and hilarious story, she adds so much to the show.

Tonight was the season 2 premiere. It was so funny! I'm glad it's back. If you haven't seen this show, check it out.


Lulu said...

I watched it last season and it is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!
I also have a Lady crush on Valerie Bertinelli!
I love your blog, found it thru Miss Ginger or David Dust. I am also in the Chicago area SW burbs.
I am also sorry to read about the bump in your life, you are very lucky you have very loyal and thoughtful friends!

Beth said...

that show is fabulous! and Betty White? God I wanna be her.

Nie Jiyang said...

amusing !!!