Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Six

Meet "The Six"

I guess Polo was bored the other day, perhaps he was high on cold medication. He sent us each this file and simply titled the picture "The Six." From left to right is Tina, Polo, Dan, Luis, Denise and Me.

These images were simplified, each of us actually have our own individual pictures, with an appropriate background and a few words to describe each of us. The dialogue that was sent around about each image was priceless. I was laughing the entire morning. The funny thing is that he has captured each of us so well. Tina's blond and cute and has a warm smile. Polo has his big hair and glasses and is in short sleeves because he's always warm. Dan has "that expression," which was described as "that look you get when you pretend you're mad at Luis and Polo but really you aren't." Luis looks happy with his peace symbol necklace and fun t-shirt, just the same vibe he gives off when he's around and feeling relaxed. Denise is sticking her tongue out because she hates having her picture taken. Her hair is short and cute, and she's well accessorized. I'm in my "proper" attire, wearing argyle and a tie. Apparently I'm not smiling because I haven't had my coffee. (that's true, that is how I look without coffee in the morning!)

What I think is special is the fact that we were simply called "The Six." There's no better way to describe us. When the six of us are together, it's a pretty amazing time. We are there for each other in laughter, in tears, or just to cheer one or another on.

Sure, we have other friends. Our friend Steve travels and isn't able to be with us as often as he or we would like, but when he's around, he's a welcomed addition. Occasionally my friend Vahona will appear at one event or another and she fits in well. Others have brought friends along, but when all is said and done, we're still "The Six."

I love us very much.

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tinamusgrove said...

What a great reminder that we simply cannot take our friends for granted. I love us, too! And love what each one of us brings. It's like a complicated yin-yang with the 6 of us. How lucky/blessed we are. xoxo