Thursday, December 13, 2007

Gnome meets Duran Duran

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Duran Duran is in town performing a show tomorrow night for a radio station. Tonight they did a signing at Best Buy. I went with Vahona and hilarity ensued. She loves them so and gets all giggly like a little girl when she sees them. It's sweet. I have never met them so she was excited for me, too. Gnome, who loves celebrities, jumped at the opportunity to meet them.

Not wanting to rock the boat, I just set Gnome down in front of Simon as he was signing my CD booklet.

Simon saw it and said "oh, is that a Gnome" and at that point Nick was asking to see Gnome.

Simon was entertained by Gnome and said "look, he's got my nose!"

At that point, Vahona chimed in "Well in that case we should get you a little red hat, too." Everybody laughed. And then it was on to Roger and Andy. I put Gnome away so they didn't get to play with Gnome. Next time.

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Honna_LeBonna said...


Considering how vocal John has been lately about Andy's departure, I am positive he would take absolute offense to that. LOL.

Thank you SO much for going with me. I am SO glad that you got to meet my boys, and I hope that you were able to see just the tiniest bit of why I love them the way that I do.

Our adventure continued and we had more bonding time with Nick, so that was nice. And BTW, Simon is beautiful and I love him!!!!