Thursday, June 12, 2008

Early to Bed...

File Under: Call a Queen

Tomorrow there's an employee awards ceremony at work. They're having a breakfast to celebrate the employees. It begins at 6:30 am. Ths afternoon I got a call from one of my coworkers requesting my presence early to help set up. Seems that things today didn't go as planned so they need some help. I have been asked to be there at 5:30 am. This means I'll be up no later than 4:30. And i don't even know what I'm being given to work with. If I get there and find construction and a bag of glitter, I'm chucking the paper and sprinkling glitter on everything and calling it done.

Oh, did I mention that every employee is receiving a check for $200 for their achievement? The best part is, since I'm not on the payroll at the building that won the award, I don't get a check. I get to just look pretty.

That's okay, I'm going to eat $200 worth of breakfast foods! YAY!

Time for bed. Goodnight!!

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