Friday, June 20, 2008

Green Day

File Under: Saving the planet one footstep at a time

I have two offices. One is about 7.5 miles from home, the other is about 1.25 miles. I generally split my time between those offices 50/50, meaning I'm at one office one day, the other office the next day. Depending on the week, there are days when I have to be at both offices so I do a lot of driving. Granted they're not really long distance trips, but I look forward to days like today. I walked to work. It was nice to leave the car at home and set out on foot. At 6:40 am, people are just starting out. It's not very crowded on the roads, the sidewalks are quiet. It helps that it's summer and school is out so some people are on vacation. Today's walk to work was nice. The walk home was nice too but it was warmer, more humid and more crowded. But I'm home now, I feel like I got a bit of a workout and most important, I saved some gas by leaving my car at home. Not much, but every little bit helps.


Joy said...

Walking to work is a good way to start and finish the day with transitions. Only problem is the weather, so enjoy it while you can! Btw, you are so cute!

Jimbo said...

Aww...thanks! :)

I do love my walks. I try to walk as much as I can when the weather permits.