Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Collective - Day 2

File Under: Dan's 40th Birthday

Last night was Dan's birthday party at their house. Luis organized a cookout. It was a perfect night. Clear, mid 60's, perfect for just relaxing outdoors.

Dan was sent on a number of stops after work, each stop had a series of envelopes waiting for him. He would ask for them and the envelope would send him to the next place. At the last stop, he was told to "Text the Collective" and we went to pick him up. Tina and I drove him around for about a half hour, blindfolded, before returning to the house. Once there, he was surprised and he could finally enjoy his party.

Polo had napkins printed for the occasion:

Tina created "butt-ons" for everybody to wear.

All of the buttons featured Dan's prominent ass crack.

The yard was glowing with lights and you can see that it was full of friends celebrating the special event.

One of his envelopes contained a riddle about his friend David, who lives in Washington, D.C. who flew in for the occasion. Here's Dan with David and me.

The "cake" was actually cupcakes. Tina added some pig cookies for good measure. Dan loves pigs.

Not sure what's going on here, so we'll just say that upon learning that Belinda Carlisle is celebrating her 50th birthday on Sunday, Luis and Dan began singing "Vacation, all I ever wanted" while doing the arm movements she does when she performs the song in concert.

Friend of Francesca's, who spent most of the evening asleep in the basement. He was festive, but not as festive as Dan in this picture!

Tina with the fantastic and festive rainbow Jell-o shots that she made for the occasion. Aren't they beautiful?

This morning, the festiveness continued with a Mexican-themed "Fiesta" at a local pancake house. We took over their party room and had a grand old time with Luis' family. We had a delicious breakfast and concluded with a pinata, inside was yet another envelope.

The message said to go home and relax. Of course, that was short-lived as when he got home, another envelope was wedged under the front door. The message in that envelop told him to go to Target, purchase some travel items, including a rain poncho and bug repellant. Hmm...

To be continued...


Joy said...

You guys know how to party! This sounds like so much fun from friends who love Dan! And there seems to be more! Wow!

Joy said...

Oh, where was Oz? Did he leave the house?

Jimbo said...

Oh no. Ozzie was loving it all, making the rounds and socializing. I just didn't include a picture of him this time. At one point, he was over in the corner completedly zonked out, worn out from all of the excitement.

Yes, it's been fun and will continue to be fun. I'm having trouble staying awake and find myself being extra-careful about what I say so as not to reveal anything.

David Dust said...

I want an ass-crack button!!!!

Looks like a great time.


Jimbo said...

The remaining ones are at Dan's house. Email him and tell him to bring you one when you're both in NOLA. He totally will!

Beth said...

JIMBO!!! This is the best idea EVAH!!!!!! How long has Luis been planning this??! that is just amazing....wish I could have been there to party with ya'll!

and those rainbow shots???? BEAUTIFUL!!! How do you make jello shots anyway? I'm such a virgin.

Great pictures, great reportiong on your part, and what a great guy to celebrate!!!

oh gawd! I WANT A BUTTON TOO!!!!! I will wear it with pride!!! Gay Pride...ha! I crack myself up.