Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Big Adventure - Day 2

File Under: The Big Day or 40 is FUN!

Monday August 18 was Dan's 40th birthday. We woke up to the smell of breakfast being cooked. Luis was busy in the kitchen scrambling eggs, frying bacon and SPAM (this was Dan's birthday after all!) and brewing a pot of coffee. One by one we assembled in the dining room, took our seats around the table and enjoyed a delicious meal. And yes, the first of the final round of envelopes was presented.

The envelope accompanied a gift, which Dan was told he would wear on our outing.

After the unveiling of the shirt, we all helped clean the kitchen and then we went to change for our day's adventure. Luis made all of us shirts to wear for the day, we surprised Dan with our shirts as we met him at the front door. Our shirts each had a Muppet character and Luis wrote clever comments below each one. The back of our shirts said "Dan's Big Four-Oh-Oh!"

Luis' shirt said "I love that pig." Sweet, huh?

The day started out absolutely lovely at Disney Hollywood Studios. We toured the park for the day, some went on rides (I'm not a rider, I'm a watcher), we all enjoyed some shows.

We were treated to an impromptu "High School Musical" production. Yes, we all stopped and watched.

Luis had to rest his head for a minute as Polo expressed a deep thought.

As is typical of Florida in August, clouds roll in mid-afternoon and sometimes it rains. It did. We sat out the storm while watching an extreme stunts show. Afterwards, the rain had stopped and we enjoyed the park for another hour or so.

Here we all are, in our coordinating shirts. Cute, huh?

The surprises continued. We arrived back at our villa and dressed for dinner. Dan did not know where we were going, he was just told we were going a little dressy. We arrived at the Contemporary Resort where Luis had made reservations at the very chic California Grill. The restaurant is on the 15th floor of the hotel and offers beautiful views of The Magic Kingdom, EPCOT Center, and the surrounding resort properties.
One of the bartenders took this picture of us. It's a great picture, unfortunately my camera did not flash so we're orange. Don't we look great though?
Dinner was spectacular. Dessert was equally spectacular, especially since Luis arranged for a cake to be delivered to our table. It was at this point that Dan announced that he was humbled by our efforts and was happy to be spending his birthday with us. Who wouldn't be? :-)

Still more fun and surprises. Luis arranged yet another spectacular event. A moonlight boat ride on a private boat around the resort properties. Our guide gave us a great tour, pointing out many parts of the properties that are no longer in use, showing us a bird sanctuary (trees filled with birds, fast asleep), and then parking the boat in the water, dead center in the lake behind the Magic Kingdom, where we had front row seats for the fireworks show. We were all silenced and in awe as we watched the show.
One thing I'll point out, even as late as dinner, the sky was still mostly overcast with clouds. By the time we went outside for our cruise, the sky was clear - it was a perfect night!
Envelope 40 was handed to Dan by Luis. It was a message from him, to Dan. After he read it, Tina presented Dan with 4 more envelopes, one from each of us, with our personal wishes for Dan on the occasion of his 40th birthday. Finally, we were finished with the envelopes!

One of the resort properties glowing, as seen from the boat.

Fireworks! That's Dan watching them.

Our boat, decorated for Dan's birthday celebration, all of us looking festive and relaxed.

After the boat ride, we got back into our car and headed back to the villa. It was a perfect end to a grand celebration.
Next up..."Auntie Fay" comes a-callin'.

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Beth said...

jimbo....what wonderful friends you all are. I wish I had friends like this! and girl, you are CUTE!!! and how sweet are Dan and Luis???!

what a great way to spend your 40th birthday!