Tuesday, August 5, 2008


File under: Show me the money

For the past two evenings I had to go to work. I do Human Resources and our Affirmative Action plan year is ending and all of the data on our applicants needed to be logged into our tracking program. Normally the logs would be maintained throughout the year. That's now how I roll. I wait until the last two weeks and do a big blitz. Happily, one of my offices is about a 5 minute drive from home so after work each night, I came home, had dinner, then went back to the office to hammer out the data entry.

On the way to work last night, I drove past the new home of my friends Dan and Luis. I glanced over, saw the front door open and saw Luis standing in the foyer wearing only a pair of shorts (which at first glance appeared to be boxer shorts). I backed the car up and was going to yell at him to put some clothes on if he was going to do housework with the door wide open. I was waved in and ended up visiting for about a half hour. For the record, Luis was wearing athletic shorts. I was amazed and happy to see the house so put together considering they moved in 4 short days ago.

I left, went to work and did my thing. While at work, a gigantic thunderstorm rolled through Chicago, tumbling trees and power lines and tearing homes apart in the suburbs. City damage was pretty much limited to toppled trees and loss of electricity for some. By the time I left work last night it was just drizzling and there was some spectacular lightning.

Tonight was another evening at work, but the weather was much more pleasant. After work, I did a Starbucks run and walked around for a little while.

No more late evening at work this week. Can't wait for that paycheck. Yes, I get overtime!


Joy said...

I thought about you when I heard about that storm and am so glad you're OK.

Overtime! Yea!

Jimbo said...

Thanks! I was oblivious to the storm with the exception of the elevator alarms going off and the low rumble of thunder in a distance. I was probaby 20 feet from an outside door so thing were well muffled. I had no idea how bad things were outside.

Driving to my other office today, it was clear that parts of the city really suffered damage as a result. I saw piles of trees that had been uprooted. Parts of the city are still without electricity.