Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Collective - Update

It has been revealed to Dan, via one of the envelopes that he is going somewhere, tomorrow. He came home from Target and was told to pack a bag for 5 days, 4 nights. He doesn't know where he's going. He's not pleased but a stiff drink helped settle him down.

We all met at Sir Spa for some well-deserved pampering. Dan, Luis, Polo and David got massages, I got the hand and foot detail (manicure and pedicure). Afterwards we all met in a room at the spa and had champagne. Polo enjoyed his massage. He was hard the entire time. Really, he said so. Probaby didn't need me mentioning it here though. Oh well. He's scheduling another massage this week.

More to come... (no pun intended)

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David Dust said...

Where are they going!!?????? Your killing me with this!