Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Collective - Update

Hi...finally an update. I have been attempting to get online but for whatever reason I was unable to connect at our resort. Long story short (because I'm sitting at the terminal at Orlando International Airport), we surprised Dan with a trip to Walt Disney World. We left Sunday morning, had dinner at Bongo's that evening, went to theme parks each day. Monday night we had dinner at the Contemporary resort to celebrate Dan's birthday, then watched The Magic Kingdom's fireworks show from a pontoon boat. Tuesday and Wednesday it rained, thanks to Hurricane Fay, but we made the best of it and went to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. Plenty of pictures to share, will do so when I get home and can upload some.

Peace out!


David Dust said...

Finally. I'm glad you had a good time. Now let's see some pictures!


Jimbo said...

I have about 400 pictures to go through. I'll try to post some this evening after I come home from doing laundry. I'm at home now, and happy to be here.

Joy said...

Thanks, Jimbo! Can't wait to see the pictures. It sounds as if y'all had a great time!

Beth said...

hey, at least ya'll are still alive! I was starting to get worried!