Wednesday, October 1, 2008

New Glasses

File Under: Proper Vision

I got new glasses today:

What do you think:


Dan said...

I love the fact that they came with a cat attached to them.

David Dust said...

Your pussy (and your glasses) are adorable.


Marker said...

LOLing @ DavidDust. huh-huh . . . he said pussy.

The new specs look great on you. Where'd you get them?

Beth said...

I like, I like!!! And I didn't know David even KNEW what a pussy was! ;)

Jimbo said...

Marker, I got them at SEE, but at their Old Orchard store. I'm a regular customer of the Clark St. location but decided to go suburban. They are actually not their own brand - they're Armani but because of my insurance they ended up being less expensive than any of SEE's house-brand glasses.

As I'm typing this, my pussy is doing something very noisy in the other room. I've got a wild pussy!

Joy said...

I like them. You look great in them!

I just got new glasses, too.